And they were good.

What a terribly exhausting but mostly fun week! I am not even sure where to begin… I don’t have a lot of time, which seems to be the new theme around here. No time and no motivation. Bleh. But I really wanted to hop on and share some of the highlights… On Wednesday we had a fun picnic in this very mini-sized park in Buckhead near Michael’s office during his lunch hour. It was so... read more

Home Sweet Home

Here are some of the pics that I promised. I still have work to do upstairs but the downstairs is mostly done! I am just hoping to get a new couch in my very near future… 😉 The Front View of the courtyard from our back patio. Living Room with some JoJo butt thrown in for good measure. The kitchen & part of the dining room/homeschool area. The laundry closet and a small bathroom are right off the... read more

Chuck E Cheese Hell

So yesterday was Haden’s Birthday party. The party itself went fine and Haden mostly enjoyed it although even he got upset by all the noise, clapping and singing, that I had to take him away during all the birthday stuff with the mouse. I really do hate that place. It is so loud and there are always so many people but yesterday was probably the worst I had ever seen it. So many kids that it was hard... read more

I am back!

Things have been a complete mess here and I have not nearly gotten my groove back but this week I have serious goals to try and get into a new swing of things. The move is over. The house is starting to come together nicely. Hopefully I will have some pictures to share within the next few days. Things have been a little rocky trying to adjust to a new house, new city… both me and Michael got sick... read more

Gimme Pizza! I want Pizza!

Addison woke me up at 6:30ish today with Haden following suit around 7:15 so it was a up and early day for us. This has been happening more frequently. I am actually considering working myself into a new bedtime and giving up my late nights. I’m really not a morning person but I guess it just one of the sacrifices I am going to have to make for the kids because they seem to like the mornings now.... read more

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