Show Me The Money!

I survived Thanksgiving! Now I just have the stress of Christmas looming over me. I will feel SO much better once I have all my money for presents dealt with and the majority of my shopping done but I am not as close to that point as I would like to be. Just don’t think about it, Crystal. Don’t think about it. That is my new mantra. It is sorta helping. Side note: Michael’s boss man is... read more

Getting Back to Basics

I think I may be getting addicted to blogging. For someone who used to really not like blogging and writing in general but decided to give it a try anyways…. it is becoming that one thing that is helping keep me grounded and keeps consistently making me feel good. Anywho… As of late we have been running into some issues around our house with technology. It has OVER infiltrated my house! Let me... read more

Get Real: “Perfection” Part 2

Wow. The amount of support I have had in regards to my Get Real post has been amazing and very touching. You guys have no idea how much it means to me. When I wrote that blog last night it felt incredibly freeing. The emotional release was so strong that I cried the entire time. And even though I had felt so sure in my motives going in, I hesitated to actually publish it and put it out there when I was... read more

Get Real:”Perfection”

This morning I read this awesome blog called The Disease called “Perfection”. I cried like a baby while I read it. It was bluntly truthful and really resonated with me on something that has been bothering me a lot lately. The sense of guilt that I constantly feel at not being “good enough”. Looking at everyone around me and thinking that they seem to have it so much more together.... read more

My Vision Board

My sister is currently taking a speech class, so she has been giving weekly speeches to the family for her assignments. This week her speech was on using Vision Boards. I Love this idea because it makes me think of things that I talk about in my childbirth classes and the labor vision board I made while I was pregnant with Addison. A vision board is a tool, and when used properly can provide inspiration... read more

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