I Wanna be Smarter!

Michael has suggested that I work on gathering my thoughts about why I want to go back to school, so that I have something I can look back on when times get tough. Something to help me push forward and to remind me why I am doing this. So with only 3 more weeks until my very first class starts, I thought I best be getting to work on this. 😛 When I think about the reasons why I want to go back to school,... read more

Holiday Craftiness

I busted my ass today to make some progress on all the projects I need to get done before Christmas next weekend! Where has the time gone??!! I feel like I have been very unorganized this year for some reason. Like my head isn’t quite with it. 😛 However, today I took a nice little chunk off my to-do list. Of course, I have to share my excitement with everyone, so here it goes!   We finished ALL... read more

Mondays… Bleh

I feel slightly proud of myself today. Despite the Monday BLAHS, going non-stop today trying to get things done that needed to get done…. I managed to not let myself get too overwhelmed. My kids trashed my house and it didn’t hurt as much inside as it would have in the past. I didn’t circle around them trying to pick up the messes as they made them. I didn’t run to clean them up as... read more

"It is best to learn as we go, not go as we have learned."

I have been contemplating this blog for a while now but haven’t been sure exactly what to say or how to say it. I guess I still am not sure…. I had mentioned in a prior post about feeling very disconnected from the “birthy” world and I know that there are many reasons contributing to that but the one that I wanted to blog about is one that feels almost wrong to talk about. Like I... read more

The 2011 Family Photo Album

So after spending a couple days surfing through almost 2,000 pictures, choosing our favorites and building the book… our 2011 album is finished! I am super pleased with the way it turned out. Untitled from Mike Bowden on... read more

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