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Plant a Tree

Haden and I ventured out together for a community service project today! In collaboration with Trees Atlanta, our Give and Learn homeschool group went to plant trees! It was a lot of fun. And a lot of work!
Before planting, we read the book Seeds of Change by Jen Johnson.  The book was about Wangari Muta Maathai, a Kenyan woman who won the 2004 Noble Peace Prize. She was  known for many great things but one of them was her efforts in environmental conservation and planting trees. 🙂 It was a great story with beautiful illustrations.

We also talked about the many reason why trees are important and good to have around.

I think Haden and I planted almost 10 trees today!
You can join Trees Atlanta on Saturdays and volunteer your time by helping with tree planting and forest restoration projects now that planting season has begun. 🙂
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Pine Mountain Gold Mines

Today we visited the Pine Mountain Gold Museum over in Villa Rica with my friend Sueann. It amazes me that I have lived in Douglasville most of my life and had never even heard of the museum until a few months ago. Well, I think it definitely needs more publicity because it is pretty awesome!

You can learn more about the Museum at their website

The kids enjoyed it and Addison did really well for her first pacifer-less outing!
The donky, Eyore was so sweet. He likes some good rubbin’s. Just like me. 😛
We made cornmeal! Pretty awesome. Sueann’s dad was a fabulous tour guide. He volunteers at the museum on Tuesdays and Thursdays and you can really tell he loves it.
Opening of a man-built tunnel that was used as a short-cut for transporting ore through.
We got to watch the fish eat too. 🙂
I took a ton of pictures, so you can see all of them on FACEBOOK. Oh! One last one! 😛
We picked out some gemstones that we liked, so now we get to do some research and try to identify them. Good times!
 I wish I could say more but we are heading out in a bit for a some family holiday fun and I need to start getting ready.