About Me & This Blog

I hate writing About Me pages.  It feels like there’s too much riding on whatever I lay down here and I can’t handle that level of pressure in my life. Is it acceptable to say, “I don’t know?”

I mean… I can throw ya some factoids. Like… My name is Crystal Bowden. I live in the suburbs of Atlanta with my fam, which consists of a husband, 2 kiddos (10 & 7) and 5 furbabies. We homeschool, always have and we have every intention of seeing this thing through to the end. I run my own business with my Mama, and it mostly consists of me hanging out on Facebook and looking amazing whenever I leave the house.

I drink too much wine of the Winking Owl variety. Aldi, FTW!!! I’m kinda into Asian television shows at this particular moment. When I read I usually steer towards gay erotica. I mean… I might as well be honest. I struggle with anxiety and depression, and I have in varying degrees for 7ish years.

This blog has always been my safe-haven, where I come to release my mind, and share my thoughts and post whatever the fuck I want to post. It’s only purpose is to make me happy, and maybe entertain a few along the way.

Do sharks complain about Monday? No. They’re up early, biting stuff, chasing shit, being scary – reminding everyone that they’re a fucking shark.
Crystal's About Page