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365 Project: Day 12 – Southern Ground Hornbills

Day 12 We went to the zoo today with friends to take advantage of  some warmish weather. Even though it is January, this is Georgia and it was actually pretty nice out. These guys were chattering up a storm together. It was really cute. Taking turns talking, like they were just carrying on a really good conversation. Other 365 Project... read more

365 Project: Day 11 – Flowers

Day 11 It figures, that the first time I have  beautiful flowers in my house in a long time, that they are butterfly food. While I was shopping, a little girl walking by me stopped and asked me who the flowers were for and I told her butterflies. She seemed to think that a very odd answer… 😛 Older 365 Project... read more

365 Project: Day 10 – Sleepy Head

Day 10 I snuck a peek in the playroom earlier today to see what the kids were up to and this is what I found Cheeky Baby doing. Poor sleepy girl. On the other hand, Haden was having a pretty wild wrestling match with a baby doll. 😛 Older 365 Project... read more

365 Project: Day 9 – Abby Cadabby

Day  9 My Abby Cat wants her some mama loves. Older 365 Project... read more

365 Project: Day 8 – Science

Day 8 Our last little butterfly arrived yesterday so we were able to remove the empty chrysalides from the butterfly garden. Haden thought it was pretty cool that he could touch them. 🙂 Older 365 Project Photos Other Butterfly Posts:  9 Days of Caterpillars & 365 Project: Day 8 – Science & The Butterfly... read more

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