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The Birth of Cheeky Baby

On March 10, 2010, I went into labor with Addison, being technically one week past her “due” date of March 3rd. The day was pretty normal, just me and Haden hanging out, while Daddy was at work. We did a lot of dancing that day. In the afternoon we laid down to watch a movie and take a nap. I woke up from my nap at 4:20 in the afternoon, having a contraction. I didn’t really pay it much... read more

The Birth of Doodle Boy

During my pregnancy with Haden, I knew very little about childbirth, and watched just enough Baby Story to keep me terrified of the process. I, like many women, gave myself completely over to my doctor, believing that anything that I really needed to know, my doctor would tell me. It has been three years since his birth, so I know of the finer details will be lost here, but I wanted to try my best to... read more

These Dog Days are Over

I admit it. I’ve lost it. “The Spark” that I thought I had back, lasted all of a minute, and then it was gone again. I actually spent my afternoon packing up all of my “birthy” things, teachings aids, curriculum, continuing education notebooks, and videos. Now it is all nicely stacked up in my storage closet, awaiting the day when I will decide what to do with it all. I have been... read more

Numbed Bliss or Agonizing Pain?

My fourth essay for class, a compare and contrast essay. I made an 88 on it.   Numbed Bliss or Agonizing Pain? Anyone who enjoys watching television for entertainment has likely viewed a dramatic birth scene, like the one in the movie, Nine Months. Julianne Moore’s character, Rebecca, is about to have dinner when her water suddenly breaks in the restaurant, “Honey! My water broke!” Panic then ensues;... read more

Tit Terrorists?

Breastfeeding Nazis. Being called superior, condescending and judgmental. These are just some of the not-so-nice things I have heard said about lactavists. I have counted myself amongst lactavists for the past 4 years. In the beginning, my first thoughts when hearing those kinds of insults about lactavists were defensive ones. People that would say that about lacatvists obviously don’t understand.... read more

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