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Roll It Up & Throw It in a Pan!

I admittedly have gotten pretty lazy about certain things over the past two years. The way that I cook has definitely been one of the things that has taken a backseat on my priority list. Pre-Addison, I used to be much more willingly to make things from scratch… where now, I definitely cut corners when I can. πŸ˜‰ Cooking with Haden was actually a big part of his preschool experience, like when we made... read more

Avgolemono <—- I have NO idea how to pronounce that.

Our cooking project for this week! Avgolemono – Greek Egg & Lemon Soup It was not very appealing to the eye but it was to the tummy! It reminded me of egg drop soup, flavor wise. We paired this with a Greek salad. As Haden and I say when we are excited, “What! What!!!” I think this may have been my favorite so far. I can see myself making this one again. We learned…. Greece is... read more


This was the most pain in the ass cooking project yet! πŸ˜› Good thing the internet was down all day so I had ample time and no distractions to get it done. The final product didn’t taste too bad either. It was thicker than a brownie and pretty rich. I highly doubt I will eat any more of it. Sachertorte Β is a cake from Austria. It was first made by a cook named Franz Sacher, who made it for an Austrian... read more

Homemade Baby Food Maker :P

SO… although I have been reluctant to continue down the path of being a homemade baby food maker, mostly from laziness… πŸ˜› I decided to keep pushing forward and gave making pears a try again. That time I actually cooked them long enough so they pureed just fine. Then I thought… this isn’t so bad if when you get done the food is actually edible. Today I made butternut squash puree. I... read more


Our cooking project for this week was Tabboule, which come from Lebanon, on the Eastern side of the Mediterranean Sea. It is made up of cracked wheat, tomatoes, cucumber, green onions and herbs. Tossed in a lemony dressing and served on top of lettuce. My little world book didn’t include too much information on Lebanon. I did learn that they speak Arabic there and “Hello” is... read more

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