Our Typical Day

My kids are almost 6 and 2 1/2. I really don’t know that we have a typical day, because we don’t follow any kind of real schedule for school, although I guess I do have some general goals for our day and timelines that I would like for them to happen in… so our typical day goes roughly like this…

Addison (2.5) wakes up around 7:00 most mornings. Sometimes earlier, sometimes later. This usually wakes Haden (6) up, but I try my best to stay in the bed, ignoring their pleas for me to get up, and ¬†avoiding the inevitable for as long as I can! Which isn’t really that long in reality.

By 7:30 we are heading downstairs, so I can make my coffee and everyone eats breakfast. I drink my coffee and play on the computer, while the kids eat, play, or go outside. Just depends on what they feel like doing. Sometimes we might do some school work during this time, but it isn’t often because I’m mostly useless until I have had my whole cup of coffee and a shower.

Some mornings I work out and try to get started around 8:30, if I can pry myself off of the internet. At 9 I make my way upstairs, gather my clothes, give the kids my iPhone to watch TV on, and then go hop in the shower. I get ready, I tidy up the havoc that has been reeked upstairs, TV goes off, teeth get brushed, and usually we are headed back down by 10.

I generally start Haden on his Time4Learning lessons for the day if he has any, while I do some of my morning cleaning or I may let them play. The day to day of how our school vs. play flows really varies. It varies on how much we have to do, whether we are going out, the weather, everyone’s moods, etc.

We eat ¬†lunch pretty early around here. Between 10:30 and 11. Then, more playing and/or school. Addison is ready for her nap by 12 or 12:30. While I lay down with her, Haden will either play, watch TV or “game.” By 1 I am back downstairs and we finish up school work while she is napping, and he has free time to do what he wants.

The rest of our day is pretty much free time. If the weather is nice I like to get them out of the house, so I can breathe! I start dinner at 4 (they usually watch a movie while I cook), so that we can eat at 5. By 6 the kids are headed upstairs for Daddy time, while I work on cleaning up the downstairs. Michael puts them in the bath around 7, they are usually done bathing and getting ready for bed by 7:30. We read until 8 or sometimes later if they are enjoying it, and not TOO tired. Then lights out, and they are asleep by 9.

Then, it is my ME time! Yeya!

That is usually how things go 3 days out of our week most times. Obviously with variations when shit happens.

I try to get us out 2 days out of the week. That is about all I manage without feeling overwhelmed. While our co-op is in we attend classes on Wednesday mornings. We will be out the door by 9:15, get to Brownwood Park by 9:45, and then classes start at 10:00. Classes end at 12:00 and we may have some free-play afterwards depending on how tired Addison is, then we have to get her home to nap.

Then usually one other day a week we may go on a field trip, park day, or have people over to our house. We usually set things up for 10-12 or 11-1, and always try to keep Addison awake until I can get her home for nap.

I look forward to the day when nap is no longer an issue for outings, but right now it is so necessary to our homeschooling day!

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