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Yes, I am crazy, but so are you.

This past week on the Oak Meadow Facebook page, they shared this blog from Pragmatic Mom, who did an ABC’s of Me blog.  She took the idea from some other blogs, and now I am taking it, and running with it too! 😉

The ABC’s of Crystal!!!

A. Age – 27 –  still a youngin’!

B. Bed – We have 2 queen-sized beds pushed together to make one GINORMOUS family bed. 🙂

C. Chore I hate – Folding and putting away laundry, so it really sucks that I have to do it EVERY damn day. I am also not a big fan of cleaning bath tubs, so they usually don’t get done unless Michael’s does them. I love being able to handily hide the grossness behind a shower curtain. 😉

D. Dessert – BROWNIES! Truly, I love most desserts. I recently tried cake pops at Starbucks, the raspberry truffle kind, and I immediately fell in love! Pretty much any time I order dessert while I am at a restaurant, I get tiramisu.

E. Essential start to my day – Coffee. Duh. Plus, my  Everything bagel to go with it.

F. Fear – I don’t have any overwhelming fears, although I am a big worrier. I constantly seem to “daydream” about terrible things happening to my family, and stress myself out. Probably the two top things that cause me anxiety are the dentist and getting shots.

G. Gross – I don’t like seeing skin being cut or punctured, it seriously bothers me. I definitely could have never worked in the medical field. Even as a doula, I could barely stand watching mamas getting stitches, and so I usually didn’t.

Oh! Mouths. I don’t like mouths or teeth either. I am that person who probably gives too much eye contact sometimes, because I avoid looking at people’s mouths. 😛

H. Hometown – I was born in Augusta, GA, but lived in a little town called Waynesboro about 30 minutes outside of Augusta until I was seven. I have been living in Douglasville ever since, except for the 9 month period last year when we lived in Sandy Springs.

I. Inspiration – I find honesty inspiring. I find people that are willing to fight for others inspiring. I find people living against the grain inspiring. I find happiness inspiring.

J. Job Title – Mama. At this point that is really my main role in life, and honestly, now that I have cut back on all my other “jobs,”  I am feeling the best I have in a long damn time.

K. Kids – Two kids. Haden is five, and Addison is two. They are both awesome, even though they make me batty sometimes. We have serious plans to NOT have anymore children, so I am in the process of trying to decide a permanent fix that doesn’t involve giving up sex, because that just isn’t gonna happen. 😉

While trying to find a picture to add here, I realized how hard it has gotten to take a picture where both of my kids are actually both in the picture, and looking at the camera.

L. Love – I love REALLY  hot showers. The smell of lemons. Karaoke. Sunny days. The color purple. Snuggles. And rubbin’s.

M. Middle Name – Dawn. That is where my inner hippy springs from. 😛

N. Nickname – I have had many over the years. Michael has been known to call me Chick, which started right after we began dating. He also calls me Boobie, which I know some of you have heard me call him; we use it as an endearment, like baby or sweetie. I like boobie better. In high school I was sometimes known as Stromboli or Toenail. There are some stories there, but I think the humor would be lost on those that weren’t actually there for them.

O. Oldest Friend – Cassi, prevailing as my bestie for the past 12 years!

P. Pet Peeves – Clutter. Things being out of place. Dog hair, dirt, food, or mud on my floors. I have made great progress at not letting these things get to me on the level that they have in the past, SO go me!

Q. Quote – It is really hard to choose just one, but here it goes…

R. Righty or Lefty – Umm… I am right-handed. Politically speaking, I fall to the left. 😛

S. Siblings – I have two sisters. My older sister, Wendy, lives with her family in Sylvania, GA , which is an hour outside of Augusta. My younger sister, Heather, lives in Marietta with her husband. Wendy is 10 years older than me, and Heather is 4 years younger.

T. TV Shows – I usually follow a few shows at a time, while new episodes are airing. At this moment, I am keeping up with The Vampire Diaries,  Secret Circle, Glee, Ringer and Jane By Design. I am looking forward to the new season of  Trueblood this summer.

U. Underwear – Well… I definitely always wear them. 😛 I prefer to stick with cotton panties, usually bikini cut. I like boy short style undies, but they always seem to be better in theory than reality,  I almost never where any of the ones I own because they give me major wedgies! Don’t even get me started on thongs….

V. Vacation Spot – I wish we could take more vacations. We really haven’t been much of anywhere, but we do have a cruise coming up that I am excited about to Key West and Nassau, Bahamas! I will actually get some kid-free time while there, so that is worth being excited about. Plus, we also have long-term aspirations of buying an RV, that  we can renovate, and use to take on longer, further away trips.

W. What makes me run late – My children and Facebook. 😉 Although, if I need to be somewhere earlier in the day that Michael has to come with me, if I am running late then, it is usually because of him. It is hard for me to get his lazy bum out of the bed.

X. NiX – That is my maiden name, for those that didn’t know that.

Y. Yummy food I like to eat – I love most food. I’m big on eating.  I seriously enjoy it, but out of all types of  food,  I LOVE Thai food the most.

Z. CraZy – Yes, I am crazy, but so are you.


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  1. Hey, don’t hate cause I like to sleep. It’s hard enough actually getting to sleep and once I do, I tend to want to stay that way. You know how to get me out of bed, I just don’t understand why you don’t do it more. oO


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