9 Days of Caterpillars

Seems I will always be the mother that opts to get “educational” presents for my kids rather than the cool stuff they really like. 😛 Of course, I did some of our shopping this year on this Montessori website that I LOVE, One of our gifts for the kids was a Butterfly Garden. We had the caterpillar larvae sent to us before Christmas so we would have them already. We get to watch them enter the pupal stage and eventually become Painted Lady Butterflies. I think the whole thing is pretty cool. Thus far, the kids don’t seem overly impressed but I think maybe in the midst of Christmas was NOT the best time for this gift. 😉 Anywho, I thought it would be cool to show their changes through photos and blogging. It seriously amazes me how fast they grow and change.


Day 1 – Dec. 20

Itty bitty little Painted Lady Larvae. There are 5 total. You don’t open the container at all until after they have formed their chrysalides, then you can move them to the “butterfly garden”. The stuff inside the cup is their food.


Day 3 – Dec.22

All five are growing so quickly. Two of them are growing a good bit quicker than the others though.

The one to the right is the biggest. I am calling him The Hulk. 🙂 They have also begun spinning silk.


Day 5 – Dec. 24

Gave them to the kids today!

Addison really wanted to rip the lid off and give them some baby loves. 😛


Day 7 – Dec. 26

They are getting huge! And making quite a mess in their little home.


Day 9 – Dec. 28

We have our first chrysalis! If I had to bet, I would say it is The Hulk who went first. 😉 In 7-10 days we should have our first butterfly. The kids are officially appreciating the coolness of them, but I think Haden would prefer not to have such a long wait to the butterflies.

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