A good idea gone bad or just a bad idea?

I am, what I would call, a committed homeschooler. I knew I would be homeschooling from the time that Haden was a baby. I have rather strong feelings about homeschooling and the public school system. My kids have never gone to public school, and if I have my way, they never will. It would take some very serious life hurdles to get me to even consider it. Never say never, but that is how I feel. That is truth.


I ran across the above quote from John Holt on a homeschooling Facebook page, and then subsequently ended up getting into a small online altercation with a woman that I am fairly convinced is a bit nutty. 😛 The quote, along with reader comments, has left my mind churning with this ideology that seems more and more prevalent over the past year. One, of which, I am not a fan.

I obviously have no great love for the public school system. Anyone that gets me talking, will hear an almost endless list of my issues. But, the idea that we should just get rid of compulsory public schooling altogether… really?? THAT is the genius solution to our education problem?

My thoughts are that not all children are so lucky to have parents as dedicated as the ones I am previleged to know, and for THOSE children the only form of positive guidance may come from school teachers. School may be the only chance they get in their young lives to be exposed to the possibilities that exist outside of their home life and their neighborhoods. That is a reality. It seems a bit naive to assume that taking away the compulsory public school system would benefit all children. Some would be irrevocably hurt.

[box] Am I missing something here? What are your thoughts? A good idea gone bad or just a bad idea?[/box]

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  1. I agree in principle. There are plenty kids who do not have parents who will be able to homeschool them and expose them to all school has to offer. However, I do think a lot of learning takes place outside of school, and breaking up learning artificially into areas and subjects and putting time limits on learning really hurts it. However, if parents had to pass ( hypothetical) commitment test before they were allowed to have children, wouldn’t the world be a better place? Or if all families could be one-income, with another parent staying at home, attuned to kids. Or all parents had unlimited budgets to take their kids to whichever place would further their education.
    I am dreaming now, and so, I think, is John Holt.


    • I totally agree with that point, as well. I don’t think he was off the mark with pointing out that learning doesn’t just take place within schools. Obviously. 😛 Or else I probably wouldn’t be homeschooling. LOL


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