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A Peek at My Week: Be Happy

SO… yeah. I totally skipped last week’s Peek at my Week post. Be happy. My week wasn’t really worth a peek. It was emotionally exhausting and I went through it in a bit of a haze, which I am happy to now be away from.

This week was a big improvement for me, although we did have a rather rough day on Tuesday. Just one of those days. The kind that require you be more introspective and evaluate the way you have been doing things and how you can make them better, which ultimately leads to everyone being happier. One of those days. So, it sucks that it happened, but in a way I’m glad that it did, because it is another lesson learned.

Monday, my bestie came over so we could have family taco night!!! We all went shopping together for everything we needed, which the kids found rather exciting. Later, Addison gave Cassi a manicure using a pink marker. Beautiful! Then, Michael let us sneak away for some alone time, which always does me good. We went out for coffee, before heading to the Dollar Tree, buying Laffy Taffy and Blow Pops, and sitting in my car talking and laughing over the silliness of Laffy Taffy jokes.

Addison decided to take a chunk out of her hair. Maybe she was tired of having long bangs.

Highlights from our school week….

We haven’t been having good luck with our cooking projects the past 2 weeks. Last week’s Mini Peach Pies were not bad, but they weren’t worth doing again. I was under-impressed. Then, I had high hopes for this week’s Banana Fruit Leathers, which ended up being scrapped, but I am planning to try again next week. I think I know where I went wrong…

Thursday, some of our very good friends cam over to hang out with us, and on Friday we joined out homeschool cooperative friends to go on a hike at Sweetwater Creek Park. Uber exhausting, but it went well in the grand scheme of things. I really didn’t have to carry Addison for much of it.

Giving the tree some loves.

We spent the weekend back and forth between Conyers and Jackson Lake. Saturday, turned out to be pretty gorgeous and I had my first adventure tubing on the back of the Jet ski, which Michael was driving. I posted this on my Facebook about the experience…

[box] I went tubing for my first time ever. It went something like this… I started off screaming, “Aahhhhh!!!” Then, ” I’m going to be sick! I’m going to be sick!” Then at Michael, “I hate Yoouuuu!!!” Before finally settling on, “Woohoo!!!” :P[/box]

The “I hate you!” for Michael was in relation to his convincing me to get on the damn thing in the first place, and because I could tell that he was trying to make me fall off. Even if he still denies it, I know! It was pure retaliation for the fact that I knocked him off twice when I took him out. Ha! Fun times.

We are officially 2 weeks away from co-op starting back and we are very excited! However, this means I must get my butt moving on getting my plans together for my toddler class. So, I made sensory bottles today. One thing done off of a very long list! Did I mention that my Biology class started this week and it is apparently going to be a time eater??!! Bah! You can expect the blog to be pretty light until my break…

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