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A Peek at My Week: Our Last Hurrah

This week was pretty typical for us, just busy doing what we do. We actually had a pretty good week here, managing to get through all our days fairly unscathed. Minimal fighting, which is always a good thing. We made Butterfinger Cake, which is really yum, but I suggest eating it within the first couple hours after you have made it. Once it sits for a while the cake gets mushy from the carmel and it just isn’t as good!

We spent a considerable amount of time away from the house, going swimming with friends, playing at the sprayground with our cooperative and visiting Fernbank Museum (just the 3 of us). It felt like our last hurrah at enjoying some summertime fun, since we are only a week away from starting our First Grade work, which means moving away from the lighter summer schedule.

 Two weeks ago, we finished our unit on The Human Body (Blog coming soon!), and since then we have been enjoying some nature study using the monthly nature grid challenges that get sent out in the newsletter from The Handbook of Nature Study Blog. <3 that blog. We glue the grids into our Science notebook, so we can mark them off as we go, and add pictures of the some of the ones we have accomplished. We went on a bug hunt! Put our feet in mud & danced in it! And we made sun tea.

We started our Draw. Write. Now. curriculum. Haden’s first assignment was drawing a hen, which turned out great! I was so proud of him, and he was pretty pleased too. I’m feeling really glad I made this particular purchase. He has been drawing hens all week, and his confidence in his drawing ability has made a serious jump. He actually drew me a lion and a duck, which are two things I did not work with him on at all. This from a kid who rarely tries to draw, because he gets so frustrated that his stuff never turns out the way he wants it.

I had the chance last week to buy the Elemental Science Kindergarten curriculum used, and decided to jump on it. Although, I pieced together our science for this upcoming year, I have been eyeballing and feeling pretty sure that I wanted to try Elemental Science for Second Grade. So, now having the Kindergarten version will give me a chance to test the waters with it this year and see if it will be a good fit for us, but I think it will. I spent the better part of the night reading through the lesson plans and I love the way it is set up.

It is a notebooking curriculum, uses the book Science Play as it’s spine, and is broken down into Nine 4-week units (the Kindergarten version). I think we will be working in the units on Plants, Chemistry, Motion, and Earth. I’ll let you know if I love it. 😉

Although, my week was pretty good, there are two sad notes to add. My best friend, Cassi, finally found a job in California, and will be moving at the end of next week. I am completely bummed, but in a way, I think I am in denial. I’ve been avoiding thinking about it, because then I can just pretend it isn’t happening… This next week will likely be a hard one for me.

Plus, my boy is sick! He seems to be on the mend though, so I’m hoping he feels better by tomorrow.

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