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Alpha Betti

We have really been on a role with school lately; I am loving Haden’s new interest in learning. I just happened to check out a book from the library called Alpha Betti, which is about a girl named Betti that goes on a scavenger hunt in her library, and she has to use alphabetical order to find the things that she needs. Afterwards, her teacher gives her a button that says, “Super ABC Hero.” She goes home and creates herself a cape that she covers in letters, and creates her superhero alias Alpha Betti, the master of ABC order. She then precedes to alphabetize things in her room to get more organized.

Super cute book, but most importantly, it gave me an idea! This book would be perfect for a small unit study! Now my thoughts are churning about working with Haden to get more familiar with alphabetical order. He has been using clothes pins to work on number ordering (He loves this), so I think I will be creating him some ABC clothes pins tonight before I go to bed. Then, I just need to create a library scavenger hunt for us, buy material to make a cape, and brainstorm some organizing projects for the house that he can help me with. Good times. 😉

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