Butterflies Emerge!

Day 10 – Dec. 29

4 out of the 5 have built theirs  chrysalides! We have one lone caterpillar holding out but I expect that in the next day he will build his cocoon as well. 🙂

On this day, Haden (a caterpillar) zipped himself up in his sleeping bag (aka chrysalis) and emerged from it as a beautiful butterfly. Then he flew away. 😉

Day 11 – Dec. 30

Moved them over to their garden. All 5 are “cooking”. 😛 Now we are just waiting…

Day 15 – Jan. 3, 2012

Still cooking and still waiting….

We should see our first butterfly within the next few days!

Day 17 – January 5, 2012

Our first butterfly arrived yesterday! So far, today, two more have emerged. I suspect that we will have a fourth before the day is over, then by tomorrow all our butterflies will be here. Michael went out to buy them some flowers yesterday, so they are eating nectar from the flowers and droplets of a sugar water mixture that we are adding to them.

From this point we have 2-4 weeks before they will start to die. 🙁 I am regretting not waiting until the Spring to do this, so that I could release them. I do believe it will make me sad when they pass.

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