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Catching a REALLY Big Boat

School is out! I am terribly excited for my 2-week break, especially because my blog suffers terribly while I have a class going. My evenings, which are my only real time to work, seem to be eaten away by my school work. I find this quite irritating, but that is a blog for another day.

Today, I will be basking in the excitement of my break (trying not to worry about my final grade), and knowing that you guys will be seeing a bit more of me over the next 2 weeks (hopefully). This will then be followed by another period of infrequent posts for another 8-weeks. However, I do have at my advantage, the fact that my next class will be another English Composition class, so at the very least I can share my writing assignments from it. I don’t think you guys would have much enjoyed me sharing sample Algebra problems over the past 2 months. 😛

Very. Uninteresting.

Anywho, we are officially 4 days away from our vacation, and my house is flurry of excitement in preparation for what will be by far the longest, and most exciting vacation my children have been on before. Driving to Jacksonville, catching a REALLY big boat, then enjoying a week on the Atlantic Ocean, and getting to see Key West (my first time), and Nassau, Bahamas. Can’t. Wait.

Addison has never been to the beach, and Haden hasn’t since he was an infant, so everything about this will be new for them. We have been having a great time doing a Ocean unit study that I put together for us, that I plan to blog about later this week for anyone that might like to do one as well. You can expect lots of pictures and updates next week. 🙂

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