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365 Project: Day 17- Iceman

Day 17

Today we turned Haden into a superhero using this Crayola Story Studio program and put him into a coloring page. 🙂 We are calling him Iceman because his hands turn into big blocks of ice. It is a pretty cool little kit and we get to make coloring books using it. In today’s page he got to fight the Green Goblin.

So I am officially abandoning my 365 project, at least on a full-time bases. Too much to do and trying to remember to take a picture a day is a total pain some days. It has officially begun to feel less like fun and more like work. I still plan to do the pictures when I can or when I want to but they will be sporatic. I lasted a whole 17 days! Man, you can tell I have staying power. 😛

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