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A Peek at My Week: All That Jazz

I’m feeling terribly unmotivated to write this week’s post, but I’m gonna give it a go anyways. It isn’t that the week was bad, or that nothing interesting or fun happened. It is just that I am tired, and it was a very busy week that I don’t really feel even a little like laying all out there tonight. And you don’t feel like reading all of that, so it is a win for everyone involved. 😛

Haden celebrated his birthday with my family this weekend, even though his actual birthday isn’t until next weekend. He had a great time, but I don’t even have the pictures uploaded yet, so I have nothing to share on that end. I could go upload them… but I’m not gonna. See. I’m totally lacking in having my shit together tonight.

It was a great school week, but I apparently didn’t feel the need to photograph much of it, since when I went through my Instagram pictures this week, I had nada on there. Except for these from co-op classes on Wednesday. 🙂

Thursday, I had the following conversation with Haden…

Haden: Is today a school day?
Me: Yes.
Haden: Aww, man! When isn’t it going to be a school day??!!
Me: Sigh.
Five minutes later….
Me: You wanna take next week off from school?
Haden: Why? I love school!
Me: Are you serious? Sigh.
Two minutes later…
Me: Well, we are taking next week off.
Haden: Ok.

So, we decided to take the week off of school next week. Mostly. When I say “take the week off,” I always feeling like I’m almost lying. 😛 Honestly, I never feel like we aren’t doing “school.” Learning and livin’ – and all that jazz.

Some not to be missed footage of me chatting with my kids. 🙂

IMG 1409 from Mike Bowden on Vimeo.

In other news, I am 3 weeks away from being done with Human Biology and then I get a little mini-break! I’ve decided to register for Intro. to Sociology next, so I’m feeling optimistic that I will actually be taking a class I’ll enjoy. I also registered for this free course with Coursera – Introduction to Genetics and Evolution. I’m uber excited.

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A Peek at My Week: The First Week

Whew! It has surely been a busy week. I won’t bore you with every tiny detail. I’ll just bore you with some of them. 😛 Last weekend was spent with my family hanging at the lake for my birthday. After having an insanely crappy week, with insanely crappy weather, my birthday weekend really made up for it. The weather was gorgeous, and there is much to be said about drinking lime-a-ritas, playing board games, messy BBQ ribs, and flying at high speed across beautiful water for an adrenaline rush. Even if my whole body did hurt the next day. Hurt like I’d fallen down a flight of stairs kind of hurtin’. I’m just hardcore that way.

This week marked our official start for First Grade! I tried my best to make it feel special for the kids.  I do fondly remember first day of school excitement from my youth. We took the kids not-back-to-school shopping, so that they could pick out a first day outfit. They were uber excited to dress up nice for the first day, as opposed to their usual pajamas, or just running around in their underwear fashion they normally sport. 😛 I cooked them sausage pancake muffins for breakfast, which is something I rarely do. Have I mentioned that I am not a morning person? Plus, I surprised them with an awesome cake, which I very heavily relied on Michael’s assistance to actually make look good!

I wish I could say that our school week went off without a hitch, but that would just be a complete lie. We ran into a couple of problems with new curriculum this week, mostly easily rectified problems. One of them, however, has me a bit stressed out. That would be our math. My choice for math was a super easy decision for me, because we are just continuing on with our Time4Learning. We liked it for Kindergarten, so I saw no reason to switch it up, and I assumed it would be a smooth transition from Kindergarten to First Grade math. That isn’t exactly the case though. I won’t get into a long winded explanation on why we are having problems, but it looks like I am either going to have to pick something new or do some supplementation to start with and then use throughout the program. I’m leaning more towards the second choice. I’m hoping it will work itself out in the end.

Highlights from our homeschool!

This was out first week back at co-op classes too, which went really well. The kids had a lot of fun and being with a smaller group this year at a smaller location is going to do wonders for my stress levels. SO I am a happy mama.

We spent our weekend seriously kicking butt, getting some stuff done around the house! You can always tell when something big is coming up (Haden’s birthday party), because that tends to be the only time we get shit done around here. My upstairs bathroom went from being this insanely “blah” powder blue to a beautiful Bermuda blue! We had so much extra paint that we decided to spread the blue across the upstairs and did accent walls in the hall and both bedrooms. 🙂

And we made a firepit in the backyard! We have some backyard camping plans for the near future!

[box] Soooo, how was your week?[/box]


A Peek at My Week: The End of an Age

Oye! This has been an extremely disappointing week. I really tried to hold it together, since it was my birthday week and all. That just didn’t matter though; everything seemed to be conspiring against me. 😛 The gloomy ass weather, the little boy in our neighborhood that “supposedly” tried to get into our house while we weren’t home, and my car that broke down last night. Throw in the fact that my best friend is (almost) officially on her way to California now, and everything has me feeling a bit wrung out.

The high point was most definitely my birthday donut breakfast & coffee drank with Cassabee! The kids were thrilled to be having a “party,” especially one with donuts. 😛

Even my high point, had a low end though, because I had to say goodbye. It is hard, saying goodbye to someone you have been with for 13 years. Really hard.

School this week was… very light. No one in this house seemed very motivated, but we managed to do what we could, with plenty of crying and whining on all sides. 😛

Did I mention that Boobie took me to get Thai food for my birthday??!! He is so good to me, and it was so delicious. As usual. Spicy Veggie Tofu and Veggie Spring Rolls. Mmmm. It burned so good!

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A Peek at My Week: Our Last Hurrah

This week was pretty typical for us, just busy doing what we do. We actually had a pretty good week here, managing to get through all our days fairly unscathed. Minimal fighting, which is always a good thing. We made Butterfinger Cake, which is really yum, but I suggest eating it within the first couple hours after you have made it. Once it sits for a while the cake gets mushy from the carmel and it just isn’t as good!

We spent a considerable amount of time away from the house, going swimming with friends, playing at the sprayground with our cooperative and visiting Fernbank Museum (just the 3 of us). It felt like our last hurrah at enjoying some summertime fun, since we are only a week away from starting our First Grade work, which means moving away from the lighter summer schedule.

 Two weeks ago, we finished our unit on The Human Body (Blog coming soon!), and since then we have been enjoying some nature study using the monthly nature grid challenges that get sent out in the newsletter from The Handbook of Nature Study Blog. <3 that blog. We glue the grids into our Science notebook, so we can mark them off as we go, and add pictures of the some of the ones we have accomplished. We went on a bug hunt! Put our feet in mud & danced in it! And we made sun tea.

We started our Draw. Write. Now. curriculum. Haden’s first assignment was drawing a hen, which turned out great! I was so proud of him, and he was pretty pleased too. I’m feeling really glad I made this particular purchase. He has been drawing hens all week, and his confidence in his drawing ability has made a serious jump. He actually drew me a lion and a duck, which are two things I did not work with him on at all. This from a kid who rarely tries to draw, because he gets so frustrated that his stuff never turns out the way he wants it.

I had the chance last week to buy the Elemental Science Kindergarten curriculum used, and decided to jump on it. Although, I pieced together our science for this upcoming year, I have been eyeballing and feeling pretty sure that I wanted to try Elemental Science for Second Grade. So, now having the Kindergarten version will give me a chance to test the waters with it this year and see if it will be a good fit for us, but I think it will. I spent the better part of the night reading through the lesson plans and I love the way it is set up.

It is a notebooking curriculum, uses the book Science Play as it’s spine, and is broken down into Nine 4-week units (the Kindergarten version). I think we will be working in the units on Plants, Chemistry, Motion, and Earth. I’ll let you know if I love it. 😉

Although, my week was pretty good, there are two sad notes to add. My best friend, Cassi, finally found a job in California, and will be moving at the end of next week. I am completely bummed, but in a way, I think I am in denial. I’ve been avoiding thinking about it, because then I can just pretend it isn’t happening… This next week will likely be a hard one for me.

Plus, my boy is sick! He seems to be on the mend though, so I’m hoping he feels better by tomorrow.

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A Peek at My Week: Be Happy

SO… yeah. I totally skipped last week’s Peek at my Week post. Be happy. My week wasn’t really worth a peek. It was emotionally exhausting and I went through it in a bit of a haze, which I am happy to now be away from.

This week was a big improvement for me, although we did have a rather rough day on Tuesday. Just one of those days. The kind that require you be more introspective and evaluate the way you have been doing things and how you can make them better, which ultimately leads to everyone being happier. One of those days. So, it sucks that it happened, but in a way I’m glad that it did, because it is another lesson learned.

Monday, my bestie came over so we could have family taco night!!! We all went shopping together for everything we needed, which the kids found rather exciting. Later, Addison gave Cassi a manicure using a pink marker. Beautiful! Then, Michael let us sneak away for some alone time, which always does me good. We went out for coffee, before heading to the Dollar Tree, buying Laffy Taffy and Blow Pops, and sitting in my car talking and laughing over the silliness of Laffy Taffy jokes.

Addison decided to take a chunk out of her hair. Maybe she was tired of having long bangs.

Highlights from our school week….

We haven’t been having good luck with our cooking projects the past 2 weeks. Last week’s Mini Peach Pies were not bad, but they weren’t worth doing again. I was under-impressed. Then, I had high hopes for this week’s Banana Fruit Leathers, which ended up being scrapped, but I am planning to try again next week. I think I know where I went wrong…

Thursday, some of our very good friends cam over to hang out with us, and on Friday we joined out homeschool cooperative friends to go on a hike at Sweetwater Creek Park. Uber exhausting, but it went well in the grand scheme of things. I really didn’t have to carry Addison for much of it.

Giving the tree some loves.

We spent the weekend back and forth between Conyers and Jackson Lake. Saturday, turned out to be pretty gorgeous and I had my first adventure tubing on the back of the Jet ski, which Michael was driving. I posted this on my Facebook about the experience…

[box] I went tubing for my first time ever. It went something like this… I started off screaming, “Aahhhhh!!!” Then, ” I’m going to be sick! I’m going to be sick!” Then at Michael, “I hate Yoouuuu!!!” Before finally settling on, “Woohoo!!!” :P[/box]

The “I hate you!” for Michael was in relation to his convincing me to get on the damn thing in the first place, and because I could tell that he was trying to make me fall off. Even if he still denies it, I know! It was pure retaliation for the fact that I knocked him off twice when I took him out. Ha! Fun times.

We are officially 2 weeks away from co-op starting back and we are very excited! However, this means I must get my butt moving on getting my plans together for my toddler class. So, I made sensory bottles today. One thing done off of a very long list! Did I mention that my Biology class started this week and it is apparently going to be a time eater??!! Bah! You can expect the blog to be pretty light until my break…

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A Peek at My Week: Inappropriate Conversations

This week my book for my next class came in and the realization has hit me that my break is almost over. 🙁 I seriously don’t know that I’m cut out for the school thing; it is so much work! Bah. I’m hoping I’ll get back in the swing of things and it will be enjoyable. I at least picked a class that requires NO essays this time. ZERO! That makes me happy. I have one more week in the remainder of my break, although not really, because I have to start my reading this weekend. I like to stay ahead. 😉

This week’s cooking project —–> Banana Bread Muffins! I’ve been using this recipe for years, since Haden was little and we realized he was allergic to eggs, which he has since outgrown. It is easy and so yummy. 🙂 Also, we made fun apple smiles, as a tie-in on Haden’s Human Body unit. Addison thought they were hilarious. Our lap book is getting very close to being done, and next week will be a time for fun projects. At least, that is my plan at the moment.

Other highlights from this week would be…

  • That moment of fear when I thought me and my bestie were gonna be asked to leave Starbuck for having overly loud inappropriate conversations! 😛 Turns out the guy approaching us didn’t work there, he was Cassi’s old boss. However, he then joined a group of ladies sitting right next to us, who HAD most likely heard all our conversations, and after that we decided to get out of there.
  • I tried Yogli Mogli for the first time. It was terribly exciting, all the choices. I felt like a little kid.
  • I dyed my hair a brighter (less natural looking) red. No pic at the moment.
  • I had an in-house date night with Michael. We ate a ton of sushi, which I have been craving for weeks! It was so good. We watched The Rum Diary while we gorged and snoogled.

This weekend will be a busy one! We are looking forward to a birthday party and then fun at the lake/pool!


A Peek at My Week: Book Daze

I have been incredibly slack about taking any pictures this week! And about getting anything else done, as well! Probably because I let myself get sucked into some books… the type of reading that was definitely NOT the best use of my time. Total book daze… Oh, well.

This is the week that I started doing Handwriting Without Tears with Haden at home. He actually did two 8-week sessions of it at our cooperative this past school year, and REALLY loved it. Before he started he wasn’t doing much writing at all. He would get angry and frustrated when he tried, but after starting his class, handwriting became one of his favorite things to practice. So, I decided to buy their First Grade Teacher’s Guide Book and the My Printing Book. Our first week was a success, and I think the program is really going to keep working for us.

This week we joined Park Day with our cooperative and Haden decided to bring his bike so that he could practice riding. He has gotten so good in such a short period of time! We made Pumpkin Dip this week, which was yummy with some vanilla wafers, although maybe a bit too sweet for me. Shocking, I know. We celebrated happy news with friends! We read the book, The Teddy Bear’s Picnic and had a picnic with some of our teddy bears. 🙂 Idea taken from

I got to see my bestie, Cassabee! Unfortunately, I was in a crabby ass mood, but I’ll make sure our date night next week makes up for it. I totally wish I had the money for sushi; I have been craving it for weeks. Bah.

Tonight, I’m feeling pretty pumped, because tomorrow Michael and I will be at our local Homeschool Expo. I love being surrounded by new curriculum. I really really do. The MIL is taking our kids for the day, so I plan to enjoy it at a leisurely pace. I may even go listen to a speaker or two, which I have never done before.

My curriculum blog post for our first grade year is already in the works, so you can expect to see it in the next few days. 🙂

My girl stylin’ it by Laura’s pool today.

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A Peek at My Week: Friends

This has been a good week for spending time with friends and tackling some of my organizational goals. That is about all it has been good for… 😉

Wait! I lied. It was also good for making marshmallow popcorn (Mmmm. Good.) and for working on Haden’s Summer Photo Challenge.

We had fun play dating this week, swimming and cooking out with friends. I even get more time with good friends today, with the promise of hotdogs and alcohol, which sounds VERY promising!

I  managed to make it to my first doula mentorship meeting in a VERY long time, and while I was happy to see people that I have been missing, the night also made me feel semi-sad. Sad that the birth world doesn’t really belong to me anymore, and that I now feel misplaced there.

The kids hanging with Maddie & Grace this week…



I took the idea of the snack drawers from Pintrest and just made a snack basket. I didn’t feel like buying a new set of plastic drawers for the project, and there really isn’t space in my pantry for them anyways, so I just decided to work with what I have. I think it worked out for the best, and has been a hit with the kids. This week it has homemade granola, applesauce, raisins, peanuts, pretzels, fruit leather and peanut butter crackers in it. Next on my agenda is to put a plastic tub in my fridge to keep refrigerated snacks in one area.

Also, I managed to work another thing off my to-do list, which was making a list of goals for myself for the upcoming school year, but some are just generally good reminders for every day living. My hope is that reading these on the bad days will help me pull through.

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A Peek at My Week: Fireworks

I decided to take full advantage of this holiday week, by taking a break from school, and basking in some summertime laziness and fun with the kids (and Michael too!). We made watermelon blueberry popcicles, which are yummy if you really like watermelon… and I don’t all that much. 😛

We played in our tiny backyard pool, made freshly squeezed lemonade, watched movies, went on a nature scavenger hunt, swam with friends at their pool (where Haden had a semi-scary adventure in the deep end!), took naps, and spent our holiday playing at a sprayground, cooking out and our evening enjoying fireworks. It was my children’s very first time seeing fireworks. It was momentous.

I had to hold my fingers over Miss Addison’s ears. She kept telling me, “Loud! Loud!”

Haden thought they were beautiful, but wished they were EVEN bigger. Boys. *shakes head*

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A Peek at My Week: Community

I love our homeschool cooperative. I’m sure you have gotten that impression before, since I continually bring it up. 😉 I love being surrounded by community, the friendships that we have made, and the opportunities that we have had as a family, that we would otherwise have missed out on.

Speaking of opportunities, this week we made a visit to the East Lake Commons Cohousing Community with our homeschool group, and took a walking tour of Gaia Gardens. I have to admit, I am terribly jealous of those that live in that community, and those that live in others like it. It is a little known fact that Michael and I have talked at great length about living in a cohousing community, and even went so far as to do a good bit of research into what it would take to start one. Maybe one day…

Last night, we finished the very last chapter in Mr. Poppers’ Penguins, so today we wrapped up the Literature Unit that we have been working on over the past 3 weeks (more on that soon). On tonight’s agenda – Mr. Popper’s Penguins Family Movie Night!

P.S. Seriously??!! That is how the book ended? “So, I’m gonna head out with these guys. Its cool if I see you in a year or two, right? Laters baby.” I had a very frank talk with Haden about why Mr. Popper’s actions were just NOT cool.

We have been dabbling in children’s classical literature this past year, and I have to be honest… I’m calling into question the sanity of the people that deemed some of these books good literature. Just sayin’.