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Samaritan’s Purse

So when I went to the homeschool expo over the summer one of the things I picked up came from Samaritan’s Purse International Relief ( Every year they collect shoe box gifts to give to needy children around the world. Last year 8 million children received shoe boxes. All you have to do is pack a shoe box, download a label and drop it off at one of the drop off locations during the national collection week. This week was collection week.
We packed our box for a little boy about Haden’s age. Haden used Christmas wrapping paper and some old Christmas scrapbooking stuff I had to decorate the box. This will definitely be a project that we do every year. Maybe next year Haden can write a letter to go with his box.
In other news there has been a lot of images of breastfeeding being deleted from Facebook, as per their usual. I have somehow luckily missed Facebook’s radar and have yet to have anything be deleted. I posted this one just a couple days ago to offend the masses.
Squishy boobie! How obscene. 😛
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National Breastfeeding Awareness Month

August is National Breastfeeding Awareness Month. I had quite the fun time during the first week of August sharing all my breastfeeding pics on Facebook and posting videos and articles everywhere to promote breastfeeding. I felt slightly sad during the process that I really don’t have too many breastfeeding pictures of Haden so I am going to make sure that I have plenty from little girl. Here is the most recent. 😉

I thought that it might be fun to pull together for this blog & post some of my favorites to say “I LOVE BREASTFEEDING!”

Haden is about 15 months old in this picture.
My one and only tandem nursing picture. 🙁 This was the day after Addison was born. Excuse my CRAZY hair!
Breastfeeding at this year’s Cutting Thru the Fear, Cesarean Awareness Rally outside of Piedmont.
 I was doubly getting my activism on! 😉

Great Links

This is a great blog post from Woman Uncensored about extended breastfeeding.- Sweet Milk, Sweet Memories

 Read 101 Reasons Why You Should Breastfeed your Baby! 

The Whip Em’ Out! Video


Do your best to help promote breastfeeding so that people will understand 2 very important things. Breastfeeding is Best. Breastfeeding is Normal. Enjoy!


“A baby nursing at a mother’s breast… is an undeniable affirmation of our rootedness in nature.” ~ David Suzuki



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TGIF always make me think of when I was a kid. ABC always had their TGIF television & I would always be excited to watch Step By Step & Full House. Those were the days…

I love Fridays because then I get my hubby back for the weekend. Sometimes that is a good thing… 😉 We almost never have any exciting plans but I still like my weekends anyways. My weekend plans are as follows…

– Go to the grocery store tonight and buy all the groceries for the next week. We have plans to make Lamingtons from Australia next week. They are little cakes. 🙂
– Tomorrow I will drop Haden off to play at mama’s in the afternoon. Then I will teach a private class & Addison will hang with her Daddy.
– Sunday we will do lunch at my mom’s house and hang there for a little chunk of the day & in the evening Haden will spend the night.
-Then I will be going to a Board of Directors Meeting at the Cheesecake Factory for Georgia Birth Network! So looking forward to some fried zucchini and cheesecake. YUM!

I am sure in the midst of those things there will be some fun hang time with the kids, some packing of boxes, maybe even some moving of boxes… or maybe I will wait till next week for that. I guess even the most mundane of tasks are more fun when you get to do them with the whole fam.

Little girl has been having fun hanging today with bunches of toys surrounding her and working on her scooting and trying to sit up. From a crawling position she can now push herself up with one arm so that she is is in a semi-sitting, semi-leaning position. Go Baby Girl! I don’t think she has much longer and she will be very mobile. Aw… They grow up so darn fast. How has it seriously been 5 1/2 months since I gave birth to her?

Haden sandwich selection got even weirder today, wanting a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with cheese, ketchup, mustard and ham. It made my stomach churn making it. Bleh. Then he wanted me to melt the cheese as an after-thought. That child is so silly.

For the most part this has been one awesomely easy-going day. My only problem is that I am seriously mourning the loss of my car. 🙁 I would love to go out today. Anywhere! I will be so happy when the weather cools a little and we can spend more time outside. I just can’t take the heat though. I miss our walks… I wonder what the closest state park to Sandy Springs is?

Haden has been helping me pack. He is uber excited about the new townhouse and him & sister having their own room. He always takes our moves well, so I have no worries about him having to adjust. I think he may have more issues with having to change his karate class but he is so resilient that maybe even that won’t be an issue. He did teach part of his karate class to me and sister today. He is so good at it. LOL. I told him he can teach the class just as good as his sensei.

Anywho… Thought I would share this. Might inspire someone to think & I approve of thinking. 😉

Hathor the CowGoddess cartoon about hospital birth. Not really funny… but it is honest.


You have to be VERY careful when choosing your care provider for your birth! I can count on one hand the number of hospital based providers in the entire Atlanta area, that come even close to practicing evidence based medicine. Is yours one of them?