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Failure is not fatal…

Despite my  struggles with homeschooling Haden earlier this year, and my apparent inability to cope well with unschooling, the past couple months Haden has seemed to work his way out of his “funk”, and has become enthusiastic about learning again. This probably won’t come as a shock to anyone who has kept up with everything, but now that Haden is being more flexible, we have been moving away from unschooling to the extent that we have been. I feel like we are learning from each other, learning the boundaries between taking on too much, letting some things go, and pushing through when needed, and I have started to differentiate between when those things are appropriate.

So yay for me! 😉

Our Tree of Courage. Don’t let the happiness of the moment fool ya though. About 30 seconds later, Haden snapped at me, I snapped back, he cried, we had to take a break from each other, and then we just went back at it later. 😛

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill

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The Butterfly Adventures

The butterflies seem to lead quite the “rousing” lifestyle. I know all you Facebookers have been waiting for it, so here it is. Our butterflies mating. 😛

I am now a tad bit worried about having some baby caterpillars. AGAIN.

So that was yesterday. Then today they decided to venture out to Grant Park to take part in my first yoga class for the term with the Atlanta Homeschool Cooperative. The kids were thrilled and the dad of one of my students sent me a couple pics from his phone that I just had to share!

The butterflies and their groupies. 🙂

Everyone wanted to touch the chrysalides!

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Kids Yoga… anyone?

This past weekend I had the awesome opportunity of taking the Angel Bear Yoga Online Teacher Training. All because Michael had ended up chatting with the owner, saw she had a need for some web help and decided to help her. She has repaid us twice over, I think.

I had originally bought the main lesson book because I wanted to do it with Haden. I loved the concept, of taking yoga and combining it with so many other elements. Nature, re-enforcing positive character traits and reading books. Haden loved it, so when the Atlanta Homeschool Cooperative began looking for parents to volunteer to teach for the Fall term I decided to do the yoga with them.

The class has been so much fun for me to do. So when Christi, the owner of Angel Bear Yoga emailed me to see if I was interested in taking the teacher training, I  jumped on it.  I am really glad I did because even though the curriculum itself is really thorough, taking the training and getting insight from someone who has been teaching it a long time was great and gave me a lot of new ideas to implement into it.

I would love to teach again next term but I have not been taking Addison with me to Co-op for fear that she would give me too much trouble and that isn’t very compatible with teaching. I can’t really do yoga with a 21 month old dangling from me and next term I would really like to bring her along. I really am torn about what to do.

I have also been considering starting to teach one during the day for preschoolers and homeschooled kids at my house. I don’t really have the appropriate space indoors to do this but I was thinking about using my front yard as our “classroom”. So obviously I could only do this when the weather is nice, so I probably wouldn’t start until next Spring. I would keep cost pretty cheap… I am toying with the idea anyways…

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A No Good, Very Bad Day

You ever have those days where it is just one thing after another? None of them overly significant standing alone but when a poor woman doesn’t get much break from her day overflowing bullshit at her, it may just make her a little crazy. Well… that was yesterday.
Just to touch on some of the highlights…. Addison pooped on my stairs and ate some of it. Haden DID NOT want to be at co-op classes yesterday due to lack of sleep and was very difficult about it. My MIL ditched taking Haden to the zoo for the second week in a row, which thankfully I didn’t even tell him he was going this week. Haden ran through a mud puddle, slipped, fell, got soaking wet and skinned his elbow, right after classes. So he had to ride home in his underwear. Michael didn’t get me chocolate at the store like he said he would. Then, the big finale for the day was discovering that the reason I had tiny moths in my pantry was due to an infestation in my rice box. Absolutely gross! We threw away a lot of food last night.
So yeah. And really I am leaving a lot out.
I am bummed that I was in such a bad mood yesterday for a couple different reasons. One of them being that yesterday was my Uniqueness yoga class. I had totally been planning to take a group picture of my kids in their signs. I had planned to blog all about it and title the blog “They Were Born This Way”, cause I am totally lame like that. I wasn’t really in the mood to be teaching but I tried my best to play like I was but my head wasn’t in it and Haden kept coming into my class because he didn’t want to stay in his. As an afterthought when I got home, I at least took a picture of my sign.
I told them much to Michael’s embarrassment, I like to randomly break into dance when I hear a song I like or if I am just happy. It doesn’t much matter where I am. Michael says I am not as cool as I think I am. 😛 I say… Whatever! I act how I feel.
Tomorrow is Haden’s birthday! He is turning 5! Where the hell has that time gone? I have plans to make cute gummy worm cupcakes with him tomorrow and we are taking him to Stevie B’s for pizza and arcade time at dinner. Then Saturday is the party! Wish me luck. Birthdays exhaust me.
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The Tree of Enthusiasm

Last week we started back at our Wednesday classes with the Atlanta Homeschool Cooperative. Haden has been doing awesome and I have been keeping my distance from him during class time so that he gets more out of them and doesn’t use me as a crutch. It has been working out well. So much so, that today he spent some time outside on the back deck writing letters in chalk and trying to teach Addison how to write too. SO cute.
My yoga class has gone really well. Each class is themed with a character trait and is interwoven with nature facts and yoga poses. It has been a lot of fun really. Last week we did Compassion and today was Enthusiasm. Each trait has its own tree, hence the blog title. 🙂 I am pretty excited about next week because we are doing Uniqueness and I have decided to take inspiration from the Lady Gaga episode of Glee. 😉 The key point of next week is to send the message home that being different is a good thing. There is no right or wrong way to be and that we should be proud of those qualities in ourselves that make us unique.
So I will be wearing a sign on my t-shirt next week, proudly portraying something about myself that makes me different. Then I will let any of the kids in class that want to, choose something to put on their shirts. I am undecided on what to put on mine. There are so many options! LOL I don’t know weather to go with a physical attribution or a personality trait.  So far I have considered…. pointy nose, nail bitter,  big feet, quirky, compulsive tidier… I need more ideas. Anyone have any suggestions?
Things have been very low stress and happier at my house lately. Thank goodness. I think we have officially started down the right path and I am starting to find a way to prioritize in a way that makes everyone happy. It is time to slow down and enjoy life more!
Michael has been taking sleeping pictures recently. He snapped this one last week. So sweet seeing them snuggled together.
Then this one last night. Yes, that is my boob she is holding in her sleep. Goodness knows she wouldn’t want it to get too far away from her. 😛