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Diabetes… and Pine Cones?

I received a visit from my friend Carrie today and her son Leland so that I could learn about Diabetes. 🙂 She is on-call for a birth doula client and may be in need of a babysitter when she gets called in, so I got to learn the ropes! It was pretty interesting and not quite as hard as I feared. Now I have a nice big book I get to peruse later. I will make you proud, Carrie!!! 😉

Haden loves Leland, their personalities seem to mesh pretty well. They both like the rough-housing, boys will be boys type of play. Although Leland did get hurt 3 times during it, which makes me think Haden over does it. We went outside and found us 2 pine cones, so that we could make us some bird feeders.

Haden is sporting some bad ass Hulk, Wolverine, & Spiderman boxers. He refuses to wear pants so that he can admire their loveliness and show them to anyone he can.

Peanut butter and some bird seed and we were all set. We hung it on a tree outside & now we are just waiting for the masses to attack. I just saw a squirrel inspecting the tree, likely trying to figure out how he can get him a bite without falling. Addison is napping and Haden is eating a snack and hanging in the bed. I guess he needed some time to decompress.

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