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Experiential Homeschooling ;)

It seems that I may have finally worked past my feelings of stress and unease in regards to homeschooling and Haden. Within the past couple weeks I have really been seeing Haden grow into himself as an unschooler and I am starting to feel as if… Dare I say it? I am not ruining him. That he really will learn without me planning it all out for him and if I give him the freedom… he will thrive in his independence.

It makes me smile to see him get excited about things he finds interesting. To ask questions about EVERYTHING. To repeat something that we talked about some time before.

My children today have alternated between making a fort out of all our couch cushions and blankets. Repeatedly jumped from a mattress onto a mattress topper like a million times out in the garage. Explored trying to get up on high objects and jumping. Jumped over each other and on each other. Played outside. Dug in the dirt. Got way too messy for my tastes. 😛  Looked at pictures of superheroes on the internet. Looked through birth books at pictures. Listened to music and danced. And they fought!  I swear I spend half of my day refereeing between them.  I think the thing I appreciate most about homeschooling is the opportunity for togetherness. Strengthening our relationships and growing together, even when that means not getting along sometimes.

Snuggling on the couch earlier while Addison drank some boobie milk, I talked with Haden about being thankful. I told Haden that I was thankful for him and Addison because I love them and they keep my life interesting. I told him that if Addison could talk I think she would say she is thankful for boobie milk. 😛 I asked him what he is thankful for and he said, “Love.”

Recently there has been a couple of really great pieces on Unschooling in mainstream media. I am always happy to see anything about homeschooling in a positive light, so I thought I would share them.

Clip One
Clip Two

I was chatting with my friend Stephanie the other night, about unschooling and she has coined the term Experiential Homeschooling as a substitute for unschooling. Experiential by definition means “based on observation and experience”.  I happen to think that is a perfect description for how I would like to see our homeschooling years play out. I find that there is stigma now around unschooling which has been put in place by more radical unschooling families. Even many homeschoolers seems to have a poor opinion of unschooling and most of this seems to be put in place by people taking something that is supposed to be a good thing and perhaps taking it too far. Of course that is just my opinion but I will say that I don’t particulary like being associated with that stigma.

So we thought using the term Experiential Homeschooler has a nice ring to it. Easier than saying I am unschoolerish? 😛

On that note, how awesome is the traveling unschool bus??!! I showed the clip to Michael and we both really love the idea of being able to do something like that. It would be great if life worked out to make that a possibility for us in a few years.

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