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I think I may be getting addicted to blogging. For someone who used to really not like blogging and writing in general but decided to give it a try anyways…. it is becoming that one thing that is helping keep me grounded and keeps consistently making me feel good.
As of late we have been running into some issues around our house with technology. It has OVER infiltrated my house! Let me preface this with saying that I really am not overly against children watching TV or gaming even though there is a part of me that feels like I probably should since it seems to be stamped everywhere about how horrible it is for them.
The problem that we seem to be running into now is that I have come to use TV and video games as a crutch. It is that way for me to keep them out of my hair and get some breathing space, which all us full-time mamas definitely need. It has reached a point though where even in between TV times or gaming times, I am being harassed about getting to watch this. Or play that. It has literally been driving me crazy. Haden would rather sit around and whine about what he can’t do at that particular moment than to do something fun with me and his sister. It doesn’t seem to matter much what I throw at him in way of alternatives.
So today I called it quits on technology as a means of trying to kill time and numb the brain. 😛 For the kids anyways….
I made Michael promise that for the next week we would not watch TV during the day or play any video games so that we can have a period of detox and then we can see about slowly bringing the tech back in but never at the quantities we have been reaching as of late. I feel like all the time spent with our technology is working towards pushing us farther apart. So that is my plan. It sucks like hell. Just thought I would share.
So on our first completely tech free day… well almost tech free anyways. I won’t go into the 2 TIMES I caught Michael trying to break the rules today….
I think I just got distracted. 😉 Today we actually went on a family hike at Sweetwater Creek Park, which is no easy feat. We love Sweetwater but I have only been by myself with Haden a couple times since Addison has been born because I just couldn’t imagine trying to go with her. It honestly went better than I thought it would. The nice cool weather worked to my benefit, especially since I ended up wearing her on my back for half of it. I don’t foresee myself going without Michael on a hike anytime in the near future but I am considering trying to work in a State Parks Annual Pass in with our Christmas presents for the kids so that we will feel inspired to go more frequently. Especially while the weather is nice and cool. We are so out of shape!
Throwing rocks in the water.
I thought they looked so sweet holding hands.
Climbing up on some up high rocks.
So in other news, Michael bought two new friends for Namey to hang with so he won’t be lonely. 😛 We got a Gold Mystery Snail and an Algae Fish. I asked Haden what he wanted to name them and he said, “The Friendly Good Snail and The Friendly Good Fish. ” I suggested maybe shorting that up to Fishy and Snaily but he didn’t agree with that idea. He however did decide later that he wanted to name the fish – Jason and the snail – Haden. So Namey, Jason and Haden it is.
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  1. Let me know how it goes. I take the exact opposite approach. I don't really have any limits on how much they can watch TV or play games. When a neighbor kid knocks at our door wanting to play, they drop everything and run. They'd always rather play with friends or go to the park with me than watch TV or play games. So I figure by limiting it, I'm putting a premium on it. I'm making it something Awesome and Special instead of just something to kill time between better, more fun and active activities. So far, this works for us! But we'll see.


  2. I should probably get out of the house more. It is such a headache most of the time with Cheeky Baby. I feel like life will be so much easier once she gets older. Even when we go out, we have to go early so we can be back in time for her to get a decent nap so the rest of our day isn't hell. It just makes trying to do stuff less motivating. He also has no neighborhood friends. There aren't many kids within our immediate area surrounding our house and the ones that are a little down the street are in school all day. By the time those kids get home and go out to play, my kids are eating dinner and winding down for the day so it wouldn't really work for us anyways.


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