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Gimme Pizza! I want Pizza!

Addison woke me up at 6:30ish today with Haden following suit around 7:15 so it was a up and early day for us. This has been happening more frequently. I am actually considering working myself into a new bedtime and giving up my late nights. 🙁 I’m really not a morning person but I guess it just one of the sacrifices I am going to have to make for the kids because they seem to like the mornings now. Blah! 😉

I am actually having a really awesome day. Both of the kids seem to feel loads better even though we still have some snotty noses going on. We may have been slackin’ and out of our groove all week but I think we have been making up for it today. I feel excited and not stressed about the move because everything is right on track.

So for lunch we made pizza!

Haden kneaded the dough.

Haden put slices of plum tomatoes, green bell peppers & mushrooms on our pizza. Well, mushrooms only went on my half because Haden insists that mushrooms are gross! 😉

The finished product! It wasn’t half bad either.

Italy is home of the pizza! Buon giorno is “hello” is Italian. Parmesan cheese comes from around a region in Italy called Parma… Haden really LOVES parmesan cheese. And Italians are very passionate about soccer & have some of the best teams in the world. 🙂

Addison is 6 months old today! My sweet little girl is growing SO fast.


Some of my enthusiasm has left me now that I have found out that the people that were supposed to be helping us move have bailed out at the last second. Just freakin’ great. Why can’t things just go smoothly for once???!!! Is that so much to ask? 
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