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Having a Ball in Fall!

Ha ha! We decorated our “Fall” table today.  Thanks to my sister and BIL for all the cool Fall crafts that Haden got for his birthday. We had fun doing them for our table. I was talking to Haden about how the leaves change colors and he looked out the living room window and got all excited because he saw a red tree. 😛

After a week of begging and pleading with the boy I was finally able to get him to cook some African peanut bread with me.

So we learned… that most Africans live in the countryside and grow their own food. Droughts and heavy rains sometime ruin crops and people don’t have enough to eat. 🙁 Peanuts are known as groundnuts in Africa and are one of the main crops grown. In many places they grind maize or corn & then cook it to make a thick porridge called “mealie meal”. When I told Haden that he repeated me and said “Nooo…”, then giggled, which I think was his way of saying he thought “mealie meal” sounds funny.

It has been a super busy week because I had a Pampered Chef part at my house earlier in the week, which was very stressful for me but went really well. 🙂 Then today and yesterday I have been gearing up for the Baby Steps teacher training this weekend. I am SO excited about it! Cupcakes are cooling as I type… Haden is very anxious to ice them so he can have one.

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