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Homemade Baby Food Maker :P

SO… although I have been reluctant to continue down the path of being a homemade baby food maker, mostly from laziness… 😛 I decided to keep pushing forward and gave making pears a try again. That time I actually cooked them long enough so they pureed just fine. Then I thought… this isn’t so bad if when you get done the food is actually edible.

Today I made butternut squash puree. I was surprised at how tough it is to cut through a butternut squash. lol. It isn’t something I have ever tried making before. I wasn’t even sure how to cook it so I had to Google. LOVE that Google.

You cook it in the pan with the “meat” facing down in about an inch or 2 of water. Then I just scooped it out with a spoon and tossed it in the blender. Addison made little happy noises while she ate some so I guess that means she likes it!
Spooned it into my ice trays and then froze it. Easy Peasy.
My friends did tell me so. 😛
Michael is off right now picking up Haden’s very first bed! I am so excited. I know he is going to be thrilled when he wakes up in the morning and sees it. Hopefully that will inspire him to actually sleep in it. My fingers are crossed. I can’t wait to take him shopping to pick out his “big boy” bedding for his new bed.
Oh, and Addsion has her first tooth coming in! Looks like the one right next to it will be making an appearance soon as well. 🙂
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