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I miss you, Blog!

I am officially in week four of school, and apparently it seems to be eating up most of my brain power, because I can’t seem to find the time or the energy to think of anything interesting to say on here right now. Everything is going into my school work. It is kinda bumming me out. Each week has felt less stressful than the week before it, so hopefully I will soon be very “chill” about everything that I am doing and I can manage to spend more time writing on here. I honestly still really need the release that it brings me.

Michael is on his first long business trip this week and so far I haven’t had any serious emotional breakdowns, but I feel myself weakening tonight. I miss him and he is staying so busy in California that we don’t have much time to talk, and really it just isn’t the same anyways. My mom stayed with us last night, which was very nice, but now I am clean out of serious distractions. The things I NEED to do, I don’t feel much motivated at tackling because I am sad.

I think I need another dirty mind-numbing book to read!

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