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Kids Yoga… anyone?

This past weekend I had the awesome opportunity of taking the Angel Bear Yoga Online Teacher Training. All because Michael had ended up chatting with the owner, saw she had a need for some web help and decided to help her. She has repaid us twice over, I think.

I had originally bought the main lesson book because I wanted to do it with Haden. I loved the concept, of taking yoga and combining it with so many other elements. Nature, re-enforcing positive character traits and reading books. Haden loved it, so when the Atlanta Homeschool Cooperative began looking for parents to volunteer to teach for the Fall term I decided to do the yoga with them.

The class has been so much fun for me to do. So when Christi, the owner of Angel Bear Yoga emailed me to see if I was interested in taking the teacher training, I  jumped on it.  I am really glad I did because even though the curriculum itself is really thorough, taking the training and getting insight from someone who has been teaching it a long time was great and gave me a lot of new ideas to implement into it.

I would love to teach again next term but I have not been taking Addison with me to Co-op for fear that she would give me too much trouble and that isn’t very compatible with teaching. I can’t really do yoga with a 21 month old dangling from me and next term I would really like to bring her along. I really am torn about what to do.

I have also been considering starting to teach one during the day for preschoolers and homeschooled kids at my house. I don’t really have the appropriate space indoors to do this but I was thinking about using my front yard as our “classroom”. So obviously I could only do this when the weather is nice, so I probably wouldn’t start until next Spring. I would keep cost pretty cheap… I am toying with the idea anyways…

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  1. It would be so perfect to have yoga continue this term! We have a dance studio! Lots of space, 4 walls, easy access to outside – all yours! Our toddler moms are great and they are organizing more activities than last term – story time and some other stuff, I think. And if you want, we could keep your class size small if you want so it would be more managable if Addision was with you. We could put you in the last hour of the day so when Addison is tired and fussy you can just hand her off so someone else and go relax with your yoga!

    No pressure. I'm just reading your blog about how much you love it and seeing this gorgeous empty dance studio and can't resist a little push!


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