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Letting Go

I woke up this morning is a particularly foul mood and then proceeded to go abut my day acting generally ugly to everyone without completely knowing why. Everything was irritating me, I did far too much yelling while trying to express myself, not sure why I was SO upset. After getting Addison down for her afternoon nap, I hoped the reprieve from having to deal with 2 children would make me feel better and then in the midst of my afternoon work, I realized why I was upset.

Today was the day that polls closed for the election for the new Georgia Birth Network Board of Directors. The day that I officially had to announce the new Board members and started thinking of the process of getting everything moved over. It isn’t as if I didn’t know all this was coming and it is utterly silly that I should be upset because I wanted this. A lot. None the less, I felt sad. Then once I acknowledged what was bothering me, I started crying and then I couldn’t stop. LOL I went and crawled in Michael’s lap and made him hug me so I could cry like a baby over my completely irrational feelings. The I dried it up and drank a beer (don’t judge me :P) and I have felt much better since, even though I am crying a little bit even now that I am typing this.

I guess it is harder to give it up than I realized it would be. Something I put so much of myself into. 🙁 I know it will be in good hands so I am not particularly worried. I will just miss some things about it. In official capacity, I am no longer the President of Georgia Birth Network. I am sure I will feel better about it tomorrow. I just need to sleep it off. 😛

Hopefully I have managed to make up my crazy behavior to my kids since I settled myself down. We moved on from numbers today to work on alphabet review and made an Alphabet Train.

Then proceeded to watch our new Alphabet Songs DVD that I got at the homeschool expo. Lots of singing, dancing and snacking took place. This afternoon has been pretty chill. I think that is my game plan for the rest of the weekend too.

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