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My Mushroom Mincer

I had a great day today. I stressed minimally about the move & did very little to actually get ready for it. Not sure where that came from. We have a week and one day but for some reason today I am just not getting all worked up about it. I am even making plans to spend a nice chunk of Saturday at the Atlanta History Museum enjoying the Opening Day of the Lincoln exhibit.

This week we decided to make fried rice with vegetables and learn a little about China. “Hello” in Chinese is “Ni hoa”. China is the 3rd largest country in the world but is the most populated one. One fifth of the world’s population is Chinese.

I totally let Haden wield a real knife today for the very first time. He cut up the mushrooms for our fried rice. I was very proud. He was MOSTLY very responsible while using it. 😉

The finished product! The rice included mushrooms, bok choy, scallions, peas and bean sprouts. And of course some soy sauce!

Sorry for the crappy quality photos lately. My camera is in our car, which is usually with Michael at work & I keep forgetting to get it out when he is at home. Like right now would be the perfect time to go grab it since I am thinking about, except he is over at a friend’s house working on his new motorcycle. Yes. I said motorcycle. I think somewhere along the way I became the cool wife because I so was not down with the idea a few years ago when I was approached with it. 😉

Miss Little Butt is pulling up on EVERYTHING! Getting herself into lots of trouble too, when she falls. I guess from here on out we are going to be looking at lots of bumps and bruises. She seems her happiest when she is loose in the floor with tons of interesting objects surrounding her so that she can have her pick of what she wants to entertain herself with. I am seriously enjoying being a mommy to two. Now that I am more adjusted I am starting to have doubts about weather or not I am actually done having babies. SHHH!!! Don’t tell Michael. He will have a cow. I still think I don’t want anymore for a while… LOL.

Funny for the Day: I put eyeliner on after dinner  because we had to go to karate class. When Haden saw me he said, “What did you do to your eyes?” I said, “Put some eyeliner on. It makes me look less sleepy. Why? Do you like it?” He said, “Yeah. It looks nice. Daddy is really gonna like your eyes.” Ha! He looked very pleased with the idea.

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