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An idea was born today! Ok. Not really born today, since I have noncommittally been churning over the possibility in my head for a little already, but today my idea was solidified.

I had been toying with idea of joining in on a particular homeschooling blog meme, blogging an overview of our homeschooling week, but once I started reading through the guidelines for the meme, I realized that my blog didn’t meet the requirements to participate…

See, my blog isn’t G rated. I’ve been known to say crap. Or ass. Or damn. Or fuck. I may randomly post pictures of tits. Or even use the word TITS! Oh. No.

Although, usually not all in one post. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Then, there is the other problem. Although, this one isn’t in the guidelines, I am pretty sure that it would be a long term problem. I’m not Christian. So, then I thought, “TO HELL WITH THIS!” I will post my own damn weekly overview, which I am gonna call, “A Peek at my Week.” ๐Ÿ˜› You can look for it tomorrow.

It has been a very in-my-face problem as of late – the fact that I am not Christian. I’ve become a bit addicted to gorging myself on homeschool blogs, taking advantage of helpful posts and FREEBIES. Oh, the freebies! All of my favorite homeschool blogs – Christian authors. The blogs are great, very helpful, great writing style… but there is still that disconnect for me, because religion finds its way into so many of the posts.

My internet searches have found ย very little options out there for secular homeschoolers on the blogging front. Really, as secular homeschoolers, we tend to have the minority end of things, which leads to its own special set of challenges.

I did have a point here… my idea!

A multi-blogger, secular homeschooling blog. I have many ideas on what I would like to see if my idea makes it to reality, but I would love for other secular homeschoolers to throw in and brainstorm with me!


  • What would you like to see on a secular homeschooling blog?
  • Topics?
  • Resources?
  • Name ideas?
  • Slogan ideas?


I have this vision of a secular homeschooling community building inside my head, one where I would *try* to keep my cussing to a minimum… and I have exactly a month and half before my next class starts, so if I have any chance at all of getting this going, I have to get a move on it now.

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