I was feeling a bit nostalgic this evening while registering and printing out our reading log so that we can get started with the Six Flags Read to Succeed Program for this year. This time last year, we were in such a different place with our homeschooling. Haden actually enjoyed doing homeschool. We were starting our Willy Wonka Unit Study. We were still doing our Geography based cooking projects and doing Five in a Row Units. Homeschooling was fun. It is still fun. Some days. It is just different.

I guess I am still coping with the changes that we have made and I am just not catching onto it the way that I had hoped. 🙁 I feel thankful for the homeschool co-op classes because they help me feel like we are somewhat holding things together, even if that is just an illusion. After this long holiday break, I am glad we will be back at them tomorrow.

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