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Once Upon A Cheesecake Factory…

Last night was our very first Board of Directors meeting for GBN with our new crew. Thank goodness for the help! I am so happy to have an operational board now. This will mean less work for me & hopefully more expansion for GBN. Anyways, we met at The Cheesecake Factory last night to try and get organized and discuss some plans for the future. After the meeting was when the real fun began though…
I went to leave, started my car but my head lights wouldnt work. I kept trying and trying, turning the swtich on and off.  Nothing. Nada. So I decided to call Michael to see if he had any suggestions. I told him that the dashboard lights were coming on but that the headlights wouldn’t. He suggested I try turning the car off and then back on but that didn’t work either. I kept trying and finally they came on. I was all… woo hoo!!!
I  started to leave and was about to turn out of the parking lot to get on the main road and then they shut off!!! So I go back and park. I can get them to come on but then I am paranoid about driving because I dont want to get on 285 and then lose my lights. Michael decides to call his mom had her come pick him and Addison up (Haden spent the night at my moms) and they left  to come and get me. The game plan was for me to ride back with my MIL & Michael was going to try to get the car home.
The whole thing was pretty stupid because… haha… about a year ago our regular lights stopped working and  we have been running just the brights when we drive. I knew this but I have always turned the lights on the same way, just by turning this switch in the car. Well, apparently Michael has had the brights turned on permanently so that when I turn my light switch on, they come on. I guess it got turned off by accident, so all I had to do was turn the bright light switch back on and I could have gotten home just fine. Except I didnt remember that there was one and Michael didnt think to tell me to check. It was quite the stupid adventure.
Thank goodness for my BFF, Cassi for talking me through my lonely wait for them to come pick me up & the really nice guy at the gas station who gave Michael money for jumping his car off. It made the night… not so painful as it could have been. 😉
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