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There are days when I wish that I had a space in my home that could solely be used for a classroom. I regularly go back and forth with myself about it. There is something appealing about having everything related to school tucked away so that my entire house doesn’t feel like it is being swallowed alive by our schooling, but then I think about how terribly inconvenient it would be to have everything we need away from our actual living space. Our school day just seems to flow throughout our home naturally these days, with something happening at any given time, whether it be in the living room, the kitchen or out in the yard.

The majority of our school things live in our kitchen/dining room. I use 2 small bookshelves that hold misc. curriculum, activities, manipulatives, arts and craft supplies, and other frequently used items. My desk and computer live here and I pretty much use up any spare wall/door space I have for school related hangings.

Our living room is fairly saturated with kid items too. No one walking into my house would ever doubt that I have children. 😛 I have 2 tall bookshelves + a sofa table in the living room, that are used for organizing our things. We keep many of our recreational, educational & current library books in the living room. Toys that fall into the educational variety are kept downstairs like building toys, games and musical instruments.

I love my workboxes! They have become essential in keeping myself organized, and I have just recently had to change the way we are using them. Using them as a visual way of marking off what we have accomplished and seeing what we have left wasn’t really working for us. I was getting tired of reminding Haden EVERY SINGLE time, to move his drawer stickers over after he had completed his work. Maybe we will reach a point in time where doing them that way will work, but that time is not now. So, instead, I just made subject labels to organize what we need for each day. Anything we need for Language Arts will be put in it’s drawer tonight, etc. I’m not sure I love the new labels I made, but I guess they will work for now. Especially, since there is always the chance I will need to make another change on how we use our workboxes anyways.

Then, of course there is storage! I use a section of the closet in Michael’s office (right off of the kitchen) for homeschool storage. 🙂 Anything that I don’t need quite as handy goes here.

You can read about this year’s curriculum plans @ my blog, Next Homeschool Year: The Plan.

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  1. What a cheerful, inviting learning area! Looks like you are very organized and ready for the school year!

    We do have a designated classroom (it’s in our basement,) and as nice as it is, you are totally right about being cut off from your home’s living space. No matter how organized I am, I find myself having to run to the kitchen for water or paper towels or something…or, the kids disappear to go to the bathroom and I have to round them up again!

    Besides, we seem to migrate to the kitchen table about half the time anyway!

    I really like how you put shelves under your kitchen island. And the light, airy feeling in the whole space–very pleasant!

    Have a wonderful year learning together!


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