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Relieving some of the pressure…

I must decompress. You ever have that feeling where you feel so overwhelmed that your whole body feels like it is under pressure or something. That is how I feel and I honestly can’t even peg down where the feeling is spawning from. I guess it is just the day to day, too much to do that I am definitely feeling today. Sometimes when I have days like this I start to think every day is like this. Then I think about all the things I need to do and that I can’t possibly cope with every day being so full. I spaz myself out. So I am trying to take nice deep breathes and not think too far down the road about ALL the things I have to do. The amazing thing to me is that I have cut back SO much in the 2 areas that have eaten up a lot of my time in the past and apparently I am just filling them back up with something else although I can’t really say what those things are…
Tomorrow is our last day of co-op until Winter term begins in January and I am excited and sad about our last class day. There is a part of me that looks forward to getting my lazy Wednesday mornings back. I seriously almost had myself convinced to sign up to teach again next term and luckily forced myself to step away from the computer. I really think it is for the best. Michael says that I am just as much of a work-a-holic as he is because I can’t seem to stop taking stuff on, even though I perpetually complain about having too much to do. 😛 Apparently that is the only way I know how to function.
I will be starting school in January too and I really have no idea how much of my time that is going to take up or realistically how well I will cope with being back in school after 10 years. So I am gonna try to keep things light until I get into the swing of things. I talked with both my advisor and my enrollment coach within the past 2 days, so everything is starting to feel REAL. Registration for classes will open up after Thanksgiving and I just have a couple things to take care of in the mean time so that I will be all set.
The kids are having a Halloween party on Friday, which is really just an excuse to have a big playdate with a theme. 😛 Haden is very excited though. I guess he would be since he requested a Halloween party almost immediately after his birthday party ended. LOL I think Addison is going to dress up as a fairy for the party. Who knows what Haden will pick. His only firm costume choice right now is that he will be a vampire for the Halloween party and Trick or Treating at Laura’s house next week. Fangs, blood and black hair. He is super pumped.
We also have a Halloween party after co-op tomorrow, although I am not sure if we will manage to stay for much of it. Last minute change of plans because my MIL is sick, means Cheeky Girl is going to co-op with us. Hopefully she will be well behaved and won’t give me any troubles while I have to teach. I am going to let the kids wear costumes to class regardless of weather we get to stay after or not though. I’m dressing Cheeky as Wonder Woman.  There is a whole lot of Partyin’ in my immediate future.
I need to go pack tomorrow’s lunch and then maybe I will do some reading….
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