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Roll It Up & Throw It in a Pan!

I admittedly have gotten pretty lazy about certain things over the past two years. The way that I cook has definitely been one of the things that has taken a backseat on my priority list. Pre-Addison, I used to be much more willingly to make things from scratch… where now, I definitely cut corners when I can. 😉

Cooking with Haden was actually a big part of his preschool experience, like when we made Avgolemono or Sachertorte. We used to make pizzas ALL. THE. TIME. My struggles with juggling two children kinda put an end to those things though, and cooking became this thing I just had to get through in order for us to eat. Not that I exiled him from my kitchen, but my interest in involving Haden dwindled.

Today we baked cookies together, albeit not from scratch, but from a Betty Crocker bag. 😛 At which time, Haden informed me that he needed to be cooking more, so that he could learn the right way to do things in the kitchen. I must say, my boy can sure be convincing, since he wrangled an agreement out of me to plan one cooking project for us every week. I am even considering including Addison in these exploits, which means I have officially LOST MY MIND.

Now… to get to my point. I think I would like to explore bread making for these cooking projects, and I have never, not even once, made my own bread. There. I admitted it. Oh, the shame!

So, my bread-making-friends… Recipes? Tips? Pointers?


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