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This was the most pain in the ass cooking project yet! 😛 Good thing the internet was down all day so I had ample time and no distractions to get it done. The final product didn’t taste too bad either. It was thicker than a brownie and pretty rich. I highly doubt I will eat any more of it.

Sachertorte  is a cake from Austria. It was first made by a cook named Franz Sacher, who made it for an Austrian prince. Austria is famous for the Vienna Boys Choir and Lipizzaner horses, which are pure white horses that perform in shows in Vienna. They speak German there and “Hello” is “BruB Gott”, which is pronounced groose gott. Go figure…

So maybe I didn’t love the cake but I did try something new for dinner & I did LOVE it. Super yum. It will definitely make it onto my dinner menu in the future.

It is bok choy & green beans stir fried & covered in a teriyaki tofu dressing, served on top of jasmine rice.  Oh and toped with sautéed sliced onions. The most exciting part of the whole dinner was that I made the rice in my new Rice Cooker Plus that I earned for FREE from hosting a Pampered Chef party at my house. The rice was perfect and it took 10 minutes to cook. That is almost as exciting as the 8 minute cake. Almost.

I haven’t shared this with anyone other than my husband yet but I do believe I am going to make a cook book sometime in the future. I have no definite plans for when I am going to start but it is something I would really like to do. I cook. A LOT. And I am always trying new stuff and the things I try I generally change to make it better, per my opinion. 😛 My friend, Karen wrote a cookbook. One of my favorites! And she self-published it. So I am going to aspire to try and do one myself. One day.

Michael bought Haden a new piggie bank that talks and adds up the money put into it so Haden can see what he is putting in and how much it is. It is pretty cool. So now he is getting an allowance. Oh, he is so grown up. 25 cents a day, unless he does something exceptional to lose it. He is quite excited about it. They have been doing it together everyday when Michael gets home from work.

Addison has an obsession with apples now. She loves gnawing on them. I think it feels good to her mouth but they seem to just make her generally happy. She is a happy girl when she has an apple. So now I find myself buying tons of green apples because they are harder and giving her slices and freezing some of them too. She has gotten really good at working them down now though, especially since her 2 front bottom teeth are growing in pretty good. I have to watch that sneaky girl.

For the first time EVER Michael and I will be apart for a night. We don’t even sleep in the same bed right now because of the kids being in the bed but I know his not being here will make it hard for me to sleep that night. 🙁 He is going to New York for a day! Fun for him. I never get to go anywhere cool. He is flying with his boss on Monday. It is a great opportunity work-wise. His boss wants him to be a part of some big meeting going on. Recently Michael got moved over to another project and it is starting to make money for the company! His boss is very happy with him and has flat out told Michael “If you make me money, you will make more money.” So we are hoping that this is the beginning of great things to come. Finger crossed. 🙂

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