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Samaritan’s Purse

So when I went to the homeschool expo over the summer one of the things I picked up came from Samaritan’s Purse International Relief ( Every year they collect shoe box gifts to give to needy children around the world. Last year 8 million children received shoe boxes. All you have to do is pack a shoe box, download a label and drop it off at one of the drop off locations during the national collection week. This week was collection week.
We packed our box for a little boy about Haden’s age. Haden used Christmas wrapping paper and some old Christmas scrapbooking stuff I had to decorate the box. This will definitely be a project that we do every year. Maybe next year Haden can write a letter to go with his box.
In other news there has been a lot of images of breastfeeding being deleted from Facebook, as per their usual. I have somehow luckily missed Facebook’s radar and have yet to have anything be deleted. I posted this one just a couple days ago to offend the masses.
Squishy boobie! How obscene. 😛
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