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Sell ALL the Things!

Spring is here! It has put me in a happy and productive place; a place where I am tearing through my house like a crazy woman trying to sell EVERYTHING I own. I keep taking things into my garage, pricing them, and organizing them into boxes. Everywhere I turn, I see something else. Don’t need this! I will sell it!

This is what happens when you read self-help books about simplifying your life, then add in amazing weather that has you opening the back door and all the windows. I’ve caught the Spring cleaning bug.You would think that my house would be starting to look less cluttered, yet it isn’t. Hopefully I won’t be able to say the same thing six weeks from now when I am having, what I declare will be, one HUGE ASS yard sale.

This weekend, other than exhausting myself by going all Tasmanian devil on my house, we took a family trip to the zoo. This was mostly a fun excursion, if you ignore: a grumpy ass husband, and Haden throwing himself on the ground, scrapping the crap out of his elbow, which he then cried about for  30 minutes.

The parakeet house is, by far, one of our favorites! The kids love feeding the birds.

AWWW!!! Sibling LOVE!

Looks like Cheeky is communicating telepathically with the sheep. Haden asked why they don’t cut the sheep’s hair. 🙂 I think he will be happy when we visit Oak Hill Farm next month to see sheep sheering, among other things.

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