Some NEW Fun for This Year of Homeschoolin’

Today I was able to visit the Southeast Homeschool Expo for my second year. FREE because of my work with the Atlanta Homeschool Cooperative, which is just awesome! I love when my volunteer work gives back to me. 😛 It was every bit as exciting as the first time. I think I may be a homeschool curriculum junkie. There is something about being surrounded by school stuff that makes my body tingle. I just want to run around and buy every cool thing I see, every interesting book. It really took an enormous amount of self control to not impulse buy… well too much.
I officially have everything for Haden’s Kindergarten year! The core of our curriculum this year will be Oak Meadows. Oak Meadows is based around Waldorf styled education and although there are many things I like about it in its approach, one of it’s downsides is that they don’t believe in early intellectualism. So Haden will actually be doing the 1st grade curriculum, as it is much more in line with where he is at intellectually. I also got a sweet deal on it used. Thank you, Laura! 😛
This includes the First Grade Syllabus and Teacher’s Process Manual, a book of fairy tales, some readers, Beginning Recorder,  and a Song book and music CD.
I do not like their approach to Math so today my biggest goal at the Expo was to find a different Math curriculum. After looking at most everything and much of it looking terribly snooze worthy and/or ridiculously expensive… I opted to start out with this…
Cuisenaire Rods, Alphabet Book- Problem Solving A to Z
I thought this looked like a fun way to learn math and reinforce learning his letters at the same time. Plus, it incorporates so much more. Downside it that this will only last us through our first semester and then I will need something else but I will deal with that as I get closer.

The most exciting thing I got today though was from Have Fun Teaching.

Absolutely awesome! Created by an ex-public school teacher (very funny guy), it is a series of music CD’s and DVD’s that inspire learning in a fun way. The music is SO good. Mostly hip hop styled with really good beats. I know Haden and Addison are going to LOVE it. Many of the songs are interactive and get you to do things during them, plus really informative. Like today listening in the car on the way home, I learned that the normal lifespan of a butterfly is a month! 😉 You can check out the songs on the website. If you go HERE you can listen to some of the alphabet stuff.

That was the bulk of my purchases for homeschooling this year. I also bought a Spanish workbook so we can give that a try and a couple spiral bound sketch books that will serve as Haden’s Main Lesson Books. They will be where most of his work goes and will serve as a sort of portfolio to his work for the year.

Feeling so jazzed up about my purchases, I spent a couple of hours at my mom’s house this afternoon going hardcore at my lesson plans for the first 2 weeks of school and I got them very nearly done! Go me!

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  1. What ages is Have Fun Teaching for? That sounds like something my kids might enjoy.


  2. Maddie and Grace would love it. I am not sure what age it goes up too but I feel like it would be really appropriate for our kids for at least a few more years, if not longer.


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