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Story of My Life

I have really been slacking lately on the things I want to do, but I am determined to try and get my priorities straightened out and try to make my life some what manageable! I think I need to set aside designated times that I will work on my volunteer stuff & my business stuff, then the rest is focus on family time. Or even maybe a little ME time in there. That would be nice. OMG! Wouldn’t that be nice??!!!

I haven’t been putting enough effort into my time with Haden, mostly just letting him run around the house and play or letting him watch TV. Now it is time to get over and start trying to get my crap together. Today we did actually manage to do some “homeschool” stuff, somewhere in the midst of, cranky baby that won’t nap and ALL the Monday cleaning, which really I’m not even done with yet. I have a very scary looking mountain of laundry in my bedroom that I am going to try and tackle after dinner.

Today we took some leaves that we had put inside our flower press and made something with them. They were actually leaves that we collected at the park in Woodstock we visited a few weeks back with the homeschool group. Maddie and Grace helped too. With collecting leaves, I mean.

We made a tree! And talked about the different parts of a tree, types of animals that might live in one and fruits that grow on trees. After that he lost interest. 😛
It has actually been a fairly crazy couple of weeks with everything that has been going on. Last week was the Baby Steps teacher training, which now has me all pumped up. Hopefully there will be so craft nights in my near future so that I can spruce up some of my teaching aids. Addison went to the whole thing with me and was the best baby ever. She took some really awesome naps. I wish she would take naps like that here. I love my little girl. She is such a fun baby when she wants to be. 😛
Then I had a busy week, teaching the last class of a private class series & a homebirth class, had a CBE meeting that felt a lot more like a GNO, plus 2 sick kids thrown into that mix. I would have also had 2 play practices for the play Birth but it got canceled, which was slightly disappointing and relieving all at the same time.
By Saturday we were ready for a family day of togetherness. We went shopping at a thrift store and the Goodwill to find costumes for Melissa’s Halloween party next weekend, Fangri La. I am so excited about it. I found the perfect dress and shoes, so that Michael and I can be Jessica and Hoyt from True Blood. We are going for a date night look. 😛 I just need to buy some hair spray, a hair comb, some fangs and blood and we are good to go!
After shopping we spent some time at Chastain Park to decompress…
Me and little butt spent some time relaxing on our blanket and playing with anything we could get our hands on… well mostly she did.
While Haden pretended he was Spiderman climbing through a web.
Then yesterday was the BOLD Red Tent, which was fun but I wish I had been sans family so I could have enjoyed it more. I missed lots of the stories, having to go in and out. In and out.
And that is the story of my life. Well… a tiny chunk of it anyways.
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