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Super Baby Porridge

I have been perusing my copy of the book Super Baby Food that I bought about a year ago when I saw it at Goodwill for a $1.50. I heart buying books from Goodwill! I thought this week I would give making some rice cereal a try or as she calls it in the book “Super Porridge”. 😉
Addison just got her highchair from my mom today. She seemed to really like sitting at the table like a big girl. Haden was totally jealous because he wanted to sit in it REALLY REALLY bad.
Haden helped me put the rice in the blender and let it grind up for me. He loves the blender because it is loud.
The finished product! I added breastmilk after this picture because it was too thick.
Addison’s first adventure with TRYING to eat solids. She wasn’t really much interested. There was a lot of tongue thrusting and I am not sure she actually swallowed any of it. I may try again tomorrow while my porridge is still good but I think most likely we will be waiting a while longer to start solids.
She is totally sitting herself all the way up from crawling position now. Go Baby GO!
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