TaDa! – My Workboxes

It may have taken me a few weeks, but I now officially have my workbox system in place! Whew. I am hoping this baby will see me through years of homeschooling, and make my life easier. At this point I am just really happy to no longer have all my crap for the day spread all of my kitchen counters.

I originally read about the workbox system on the Confessions of a Homeschooler blog. She made it really easy for me to pull this off, because I even used her free downloads. If you really want to know how it all works, you should read her blog. i really don’t feel up to being that thorough!

So I ended up buying THIS craft storage cart from Joann’s. I like all the pretty colors. 😛 I could have gone with something smaller, because at this point we don’t quite need so many drawers, but I wanted to get something that would grow with us, so I am not having to expand later down the road. I also got the double-sided one, so that Addison could have her own drawers, as well. Not that she really needs them yet.

So everything we are doing on any given day goes in a drawer. Once we have finished a drawer Haden can move his stickers to his “done” chart, and then he has a visual representation of the work he has gotten done, and how much he has left for the day. Or a semi-visual anyways, since we tend to DO many things that don’t involve putting anything inside of a workbox.

The rest of our drawers are holding notebooks and other things that we may not be using on that specific day, but that will fairly often be making an appearance in a drawer. Addison has even been having a good time with hers. She has taken to doing “school” with her brother, so I’ve put things in her drawers for her to work on, like lacing cards, puzzles, sticker books, etc.

She is even keeping her own yoga book now. 🙂 How did she suddenly become a little girl and not a baby??!!

Addison couldn’t quite get a hold of her ankles during our seahorse pose, but she tried REAL hard!

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  1. We have the same work boxes!!! Except I got the separated and black/gray ones. Aren’t they FANTASTIC?!!!


    • I LOVE them! I’m glad I didn’t decided to cheap out and get something different!


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