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2013!!! Here’s to getting it right!

I’m¬†running¬†a little behind on¬†getting¬†this post out. As usual, although I intended to be a blog¬†writing¬†machine during my break from school that hasn’t really panned out in reality. Oh, well.

2012 was a really good year for us. SO I really want more of that.

I¬†wrote¬†these goals out over the summer in preparation for the new school year, but¬†since¬†I haven’t really given them much thought since then it seems like a good time to actively start trying to actually focus on them.

My focus going into 2013:

  • Keep letting go. This year my anxiety levels have been pretty minimal. I don’t want to back track. I just have to remember to not get so caught up in the day to day crap, notice how I am feeling about life¬†and do what I need to stay happy. Let go of¬†other people’s expectations for me, but probably more¬†importantly¬†the expectations I place on myself.
  • Fight less. I really want to¬†minimize¬†the amount of time we (my family) spend being snappy with each other or having full out brawls, so I’m¬†trying¬†to pay attention to our triggers for negative behavior.
  • Remember, I don’t have to do everything! Less is sometimes more. And¬†sometimes¬†less is all I have energy for so it will just have to do.

These are more centrally focused on our homeschool:

  • Be more open to on-the-fly learning. I have to be less focused on¬†trying¬†to plan¬†everything¬†out, and¬†being MORE¬†available to the needs of¬†always¬†curious children.
  • Support more independent, student-led projects and¬†learning, which is why I’ve completely cut Fridays out of our regularly scheduled school so that they have a free day where I can stop focusing on the stuff I feel like they need to be learning and can ask, “What would YOU like to learn¬†about¬†today? What do you want to explore?”
  • Foster entire family participation in activities. I would really like to find ways to get¬†Michael¬†more comfortably involved in our homeschool.

Today, we had one of those rather perfect homeschooling moments. While we were¬†cooking¬†dinner, my kids were in the back yard doing this…

Later, I told Haden that what they did on the seesaw was Math, and he just looked at me all confused-like. ūüėõ