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2013!!! Here’s to getting it right!

I’m running a little behind on getting this post out. As usual, although I intended to be a blog writing machine during my break from school that hasn’t really panned out in reality. Oh, well.

2012 was a really good year for us. SO I really want more of that.

I wrote these goals out over the summer in preparation for the new school year, but since I haven’t really given them much thought since then it seems like a good time to actively start trying to actually focus on them.

My focus going into 2013:

  • Keep letting go. This year my anxiety levels have been pretty minimal. I don’t want to back track. I just have to remember to not get so caught up in the day to day crap, notice how I am feeling about life and do what I need to stay happy. Let go of other people’s expectations for me, but probably more importantly the expectations I place on myself.
  • Fight less. I really want to minimize the amount of time we (my family) spend being snappy with each other or having full out brawls, so I’m trying to pay attention to our triggers for negative behavior.
  • Remember, I don’t have to do everything! Less is sometimes more. And sometimes less is all I have energy for so it will just have to do.

These are more centrally focused on our homeschool:

  • Be more open to on-the-fly learning. I have to be less focused on trying to plan everything out, and being MORE available to the needs of always curious children.
  • Support more independent, student-led projects and learning, which is why I’ve completely cut Fridays out of our regularly scheduled school so that they have a free day where I can stop focusing on the stuff I feel like they need to be learning and can ask, “What would YOU like to learn about today? What do you want to explore?”
  • Foster entire family participation in activities. I would really like to find ways to get Michael more comfortably involved in our homeschool.

Today, we had one of those rather perfect homeschooling moments. While we were cooking dinner, my kids were in the back yard doing this…

Later, I told Haden that what they did on the seesaw was Math, and he just looked at me all confused-like. 😛

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A Peek at My Week: Friends

This has been a good week for spending time with friends and tackling some of my organizational goals. That is about all it has been good for… 😉

Wait! I lied. It was also good for making marshmallow popcorn (Mmmm. Good.) and for working on Haden’s Summer Photo Challenge.

We had fun play dating this week, swimming and cooking out with friends. I even get more time with good friends today, with the promise of hotdogs and alcohol, which sounds VERY promising!

I  managed to make it to my first doula mentorship meeting in a VERY long time, and while I was happy to see people that I have been missing, the night also made me feel semi-sad. Sad that the birth world doesn’t really belong to me anymore, and that I now feel misplaced there.

The kids hanging with Maddie & Grace this week…



I took the idea of the snack drawers from Pintrest and just made a snack basket. I didn’t feel like buying a new set of plastic drawers for the project, and there really isn’t space in my pantry for them anyways, so I just decided to work with what I have. I think it worked out for the best, and has been a hit with the kids. This week it has homemade granola, applesauce, raisins, peanuts, pretzels, fruit leather and peanut butter crackers in it. Next on my agenda is to put a plastic tub in my fridge to keep refrigerated snacks in one area.

Also, I managed to work another thing off my to-do list, which was making a list of goals for myself for the upcoming school year, but some are just generally good reminders for every day living. My hope is that reading these on the bad days will help me pull through.

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I Wanna be Smarter!

Michael has suggested that I work on gathering my thoughts about why I want to go back to school, so that I have something I can look back on when times get tough. Something to help me push forward and to remind me why I am doing this. So with only 3 more weeks until my very first class starts, I thought I best be getting to work on this. 😛

When I think about the reasons why I want to go back to school, the biggest one that stands out for me is that I want more knowledge. Well… duh. Being a homeschooling mother has put a pressure on me to feel like I need to know more and have more to offer my kids. I know that I am quite capable of homeschooling my kids with the knowledge base that I have now. I am resourceful and should my kids ever need instruction on something that I just can’t handle and they can’t self-learn, I have options. But, there are many days where I feel like even some of the most basic and simplistic information is just not in my database. Things I know I learned in school but did not retain. There is a HUGE part of me that wishes that I could answer more of their questions without the initial… “Well, I don’t know but we can find out.”

So I want to be smarter! Yay! One reason down.

I am also very genuinely interested in Sociology.  Just from the bit of self-study I have been doing on the topic since I decided to go back to school… it has been very eye opening. Looking at the world, at how social behaviors are influenced and viewing even the most mundane things through your “sociological imagination”, is just pretty damn interesting. I have no clue what I want to do with it yet, but I guess I will figure that out as I go along. So if I want to learn all the Sociology stuff, I am gonna have to get through my general education. 🙂

So I think Sociology is cool! Bam. #2.

Well, I really think that is all I got…

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My Vision Board

My sister is currently taking a speech class, so she has been giving weekly speeches to the family for her assignments. This week her speech was on using Vision Boards. I Love this idea because it makes me think of things that I talk about in my childbirth classes and the labor vision board I made while I was pregnant with Addison. A vision board is a tool, and when used properly can provide inspiration and motivation to drive you towards reaching your goals. Think of them as daily visual affirmations of what you want to accomplish, and attract them to you.
I hear your messages Universe! Now hear mine. 😛
Here is a link to make your own online! It is super easy. 
Thank you, Heather for sharing this with me!