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The Best Quiet Moments

It’s completely worth it to wake up early and drag myself out of bed so that I can enjoy quiet morning moments. I love starting the coffee pot and curling up on my couch with my blankie and hitting my snooze button on my phone alarm over and over, while I enjoy the smells of coffee brewing. Opening up the curtains just a smidge so I can enjoy a small view of the woods outside. It’s currently made better by the shine of multi-colored lights on my Christmas tree. Maybe I should decorate my living room in multi-colored lights all year round? It might improve my happiness levels.

If we burned a fire the night before I can sometimes still feel a little heat emanating from it. I’m enjoying a whole new appreciation for winter that I’ve never experienced before. When the heat clicks on in our house it causes a nice noise and vibration due to the unit not being installed properly under our house. It seems to have the same effect on me as one of those vibrating chairs for infants. I’m not sure that I actually want it fixed. And there’s the Cheeks to join me for some snuggles. My quiet moments are officially broken by the sounds of YouTube.