A Peek at My Week: Book Daze

I have been incredibly slack about taking any pictures this week! And about getting anything else done, as well! Probably because I let myself get sucked into some books… the type of reading that was definitely NOT the best use of my time. Total book daze… Oh, well.

This is the week that I started doing Handwriting Without Tears with Haden at home. He actually did two 8-week sessions of it at our cooperative this past school year, and REALLY loved it. Before he started he wasn’t doing much writing at all. He would get angry and frustrated when he tried, but after starting his class, handwriting became one of his favorite things to practice. So, I decided to buy their First Grade Teacher’s Guide Book and the My Printing Book. Our first week was a success, and I think the program is really going to keep working for us.

This week we joined Park Day with our cooperative and Haden decided to bring his bike so that he could practice riding. He has gotten so good in such a short period of time! We made Pumpkin Dip this week, which was yummy with some vanilla wafers, although maybe a bit too sweet for me. Shocking, I know. We celebrated happy news with friends! We read the book, The Teddy Bear’s Picnic and had a picnic with some of our teddy bears. 🙂 Idea taken from

I got to see my bestie, Cassabee! Unfortunately, I was in a crabby ass mood, but I’ll make sure our date night next week makes up for it. I totally wish I had the money for sushi; I have been craving it for weeks. Bah.

Tonight, I’m feeling pretty pumped, because tomorrow Michael and I will be at our local Homeschool Expo. I love being surrounded by new curriculum. I really really do. The MIL is taking our kids for the day, so I plan to enjoy it at a leisurely pace. I may even go listen to a speaker or two, which I have never done before.

My curriculum blog post for our first grade year is already in the works, so you can expect to see it in the next few days. 🙂

My girl stylin’ it by Laura’s pool today.