I am so happy to be home! Even though I my house was COVERED in dog hair when we got home, AND I have a ridiculous amount of laundry to wash and fold, AND my house feels like it is rocking like a boat, AND I have no food in my house… it is good to be back.

Yesterday felt like the longest drive EVER, probably because our family seriously takes a 6 hour drive, and we magically turn it into 10. In all fairness though,  we did detour again, which was probably our first mistake, but I guess it all worked out fine in the end. I’ll spare you all the details of the misery of our trip back, and instead show you some pretty pictures of where we detoured.

We went to the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge, drove a path along the Suwannee River Sill, and got out to explore a little bit. Awesome views, and we even managed to see an alligator, turtle, Great White Egret, and tons of dragonflies and butterflies. I would love to one day take a boat tour, but little Cheeky Baby will need to be a bit older for me to take on that adventure!

I am still working on uploading all of our pictures from the trip, so I will eventually get around to doing a post about our entire vacation.

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This Boat is a Rockin’

I had all these well laid plans to be catching up on my blogging, and doing my school reading this week. Neither have really made their way to reality though. Our trip so far has be fun, but we are staying busy and it has been rather exhausting.

So, I am loving…

All the free food. It is really nice to be able to eat whenever, and not have to worry about the cost. Although, this trip may add a few pounds on me as a result, but really that is a good thing. 😛

I am thinking about a late night pizza snack even now…

Thus far, I think my favorite part of our trip has been the detour we took to Savannah on our way down to Jacksonville. What should have been a 6 hour drive (you know if we didn’t stop AT ALL), was an ALL day adventure for this family, because my children were not having it.

So, while we were in meltdown territory, we realized our route was taking us just about 10 miles outside of Savannah, and I said to HELL with this. We are going, we are getting out, and we are having some fun. So, we did.

I hadn’t been to Savannah in YEARS, but I have fond, albeit slightly blurry, childhood memories of cobblestone streets and the river.

So, we went to River Street…

Downtown Savannah is beautiful. I love all the Weeping Willows, and now after our little excursion, I want to plan a vacation there so that we can see more of the city.

Tomorrow, we will be docking in Key West (our first stop), then I gets a date night with my man. Exciting stuff!!!!

Ugh. This boat is a rocking… and not in the good way. 😛



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Catching a REALLY Big Boat

School is out! I am terribly excited for my 2-week break, especially because my blog suffers terribly while I have a class going. My evenings, which are my only real time to work, seem to be eaten away by my school work. I find this quite irritating, but that is a blog for another day.

Today, I will be basking in the excitement of my break (trying not to worry about my final grade), and knowing that you guys will be seeing a bit more of me over the next 2 weeks (hopefully). This will then be followed by another period of infrequent posts for another 8-weeks. However, I do have at my advantage, the fact that my next class will be another English Composition class, so at the very least I can share my writing assignments from it. I don’t think you guys would have much enjoyed me sharing sample Algebra problems over the past 2 months. 😛

Very. Uninteresting.

Anywho, we are officially 4 days away from our vacation, and my house is flurry of excitement in preparation for what will be by far the longest, and most exciting vacation my children have been on before. Driving to Jacksonville, catching a REALLY big boat, then enjoying a week on the Atlantic Ocean, and getting to see Key West (my first time), and Nassau, Bahamas. Can’t. Wait.

Addison has never been to the beach, and Haden hasn’t since he was an infant, so everything about this will be new for them. We have been having a great time doing a Ocean unit study that I put together for us, that I plan to blog about later this week for anyone that might like to do one as well. You can expect lots of pictures and updates next week. 🙂