Telling is Not Teaching

It was almost 4 years ago that I decided I wanted to be a Childbirth Educator. The information overload I was going through at the time as I began my Doula training, had me feeling angry about the things that had happened at my son’s birth. I felt very strongly that more than anything, my long term goal was to be able to help make the information that there ARE options in birth more available to women. I researched all the different organizations and methods out there for CBE and ultimately decided that I felt like I fit best with ALACE, who would later dissolve and become International Birth and Wellness Project.
Not long after beginning my CBE program, I read more about Lamaze’s Passion for Birth Seminars and I REALLY wanted to eventually be able to attend one. I loved the idea of not being a boring educator. 😛 I was almost set up to host one for Feb. 2010, when I found out that I was pregnant with Addison and being due in early March figured the timing would be bad. So I postponed my plans BUT I finally got to host one this past weekend through Georgia Birth Network and I wasn’t even remotely disappointed. It was even better than I expected.
I came away with so many innovative and interactive ideas. There would be way too many to actually use in a series but now I have so many choices, it will be hard to decide which ones I like best.
Just for fun…
This one is a good visual to show that by accepting one intervention you inevitably end up with more. Each intervention card has a string attached to it, that attaches to mom.
The postpartum robe. It is covered in objects to spark conversation about postpartum issues.
This one is harder to see but it is a Pie of Pain. You add slices to the pie, things that can help reduce pain.   Movement, partner’s support, comfort measures, etc. At the end you leave a slice of the pie open because nothing can completely get rid of the pain, not even medication. I think it would be a good lead in to a discussion on the purpose of pain and reframing how we think about pain during childbirth.
I was also very privileged to get to spend 3 days with an awesome group of women! It was so sweet that at the closing ceremony for the seminar, they gave me and Ann Tumblin a card and a wooden sign of the word “Celebrate” as a thank you. It actually made me tear up cause I am such a baby.
So here I sit with my mind in overdrive and not enough hours in the day to be working on all the projects I want to do to improve my classes! I am really trying to pace myself but it is SO hard…
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  1. LOVE! You are a great teacher, and an inspiring mom and birth advocate! I feel privileged to know you and work with you.


  2. Aww! Thank you Shoshanah! I think you are kinda awesome too. 😛


  3. I so wish I could have gone. It looks like it was an amazing workshop.


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