The Bucket List

Lately I have been giving life a lot of thought. How I want to live mine and what I would like to do before I don’t have the chance to do anything again. So I decided to start a “list” of sorts. Things I would like to do or try at least once, no matter how stupid they are, if they appeal to me on any level then I want to add them to THE LIST. Michael thinks I have gone a bit crazy lately with some of the tangents I have been going off on but honestly I feel really happy when I think about expanding my horizons in some way. I hate the idea of waking up one day and wishing I had done this or that. Especially when the only thing holding me back is ME.
Yesterday, we invested $20 into our families future so that I can really start delving into a project that Michael and I have been thinking about for years but have never tried to honestly put any energy into. Maybe because we never thought it would be a possibility financially or because I knew it would be a lot of work but I have decided that the time is NOW. This marks the beginning of a researching, planning and proposal making period.  My goal is to have a pretty firm plan in place for this project within a couple months or so. By then I will be ready to talk about. 😛 It will be a very LONG road ahead of me if I see this through. I really hope nothing stands in my way.
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  1. Now you've got me sitting on the edge of my……… birth ball in front of the laptop. Yeah. I'm aware that it's a strange substitute but I know you'll get it. 😀



  2. Awesome! I want to do this. I think it gives you something to work toward and kills the monotony of daily life that kills the spirit. Go, mama!


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